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Our Story

After years of working for some of the world’s largest travel companies, one thing is clear to us – too many agents look at travel as a transaction.

For us, travel isn’t a “job”; it’s our passion – both professionally and personally. We consider ourselves lucky to be doing something we love, everyday. And when you are motivated from passion, not obligation, you truly care about your outputs, and the people you work for. Your clients.

We want to assure you the personal touch has not been forgotten – it has simply evolved…

Why do we do this?

This unique structure allows us to cater to the needs and budgets of a wide variety of clientele, both big and small. We know you have a budget to stick to, and we’re not here to up-sell – we’re here to know our stuff, and let you get on with yours.

Each of our clients is serviced by a dedicated Professional Travel Consultant, who has a strict limit on their client accounts. This ensures maximum quality control and personalized attention at every turn, and ensures you are speaking to the same Consultant – who knows you and your preferences – for every trip.

We get it.

At Inspired Corporate we believe the only way to deliver the right level of service to our corporate clients is through a quality over quantity approach – which is how we model our business. We don’t believe in churn and burn and we don’t believe in call centres.

…Because we love it and you deserve it!

Corporate travel is fast-paced and often last-minute, and when you leave the office you’re not leaving behind your responsibilities. Arriving at a meeting with a clear head and on top of your schedule can be the difference between a successful trip and a taxing one – which makes a seamless travel experience that maximizes your time critical to your business.

Ready for your crafted corporate travel experience?

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Using our experience, networking power, creative thinking and tireless work ethic, we provide to our client all of the unique benefits of our high service travel agency. We work collaboratively to solve complicated issues, and resolve the daily challenges our clients’ experience in their travels to create value and earn loyalty.