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Corporate Travel Services

Regain control

Total travel management

Our comprehensive corporate travel services are designed to have your needs covered in every eventuality.

A unique approach to staffing ensures you will be cared for 24/7 by our in house, dedicated and experienced corporate travel agents. 

That means zero waiting for call centres, or faceless automated portals. Just quick, prompt, quality corporate travel services.

Customer care and service quality are by far our main priorities, and below is a list of our services that this approach extends to: 

Changes cost nothing

Your ticket amendments and changes of any kind will never incur any additional service fees. This gives you the freedom to make last minute decisions free of charge, even after hours or on weekends.

Custom Itineraries &
Tailored invoicing

Invoices and itineraries are customized for each client, clearly outlining and matching your internal job and department codes, allowing for client specific reporting and seamless integration into your existing systems.

Detailed Record Keeping

Detailed encrypted record keeping of all client preferences and information to facilitate an efficient booking process and eliminate errors.

Frequent Traveller Points Management

Our comprehensive points management service helps advise on when points can save you money and how you can grow your points faster.

30 Minute guaranteed response time

30 minute guaranteed response time to your email. Get answers fast to get you on your way.

Cash Flow Management

A credit account with Inspired is a no-fuss cash alternative to paying for flights immediately. This allows you to intelligently manage your cash flow to ensure that things get payed when it’s convenient for you.

Visa Requirements & Covid restrictions support

We support our clients making sure all necessary travel visas are in place. Additionally we stay on top of all the ever-changing Covid-19 and other health restrictions, to provide guidance and advice.

Travel management

We make our travel management services available to our corporate clients for select leisure excursions as well. This includes: Vacation, Honeymoons and Corporate Retreat planning.