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Inspired Difference

Using our experience, networking power, creative thinking and tireless work ethic, we provide to our client all of the unique benefits of our high service travel agency. We work collaboratively to solve complicated issues, and resolve the daily challenges our clients’ experience in their travels to create value and earn loyalty.

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Complete dedication to those who expect a higher level of service in their travel arrangements. What our clients expect and deserve we call standard features, while other agencies call them amazing differentiators. But really, every Inspired client expects and receives these services delivered with flawless consistency, as it should be. These aren’t wow factors; they should be your minimum expectations and we deliver on them without fail.

Comprehensive Frequent Traveller Points Management

30 Minute Guaranteed Response Time

24hr Emergency Traveller Assistance

A Dedicated Commitment To Customer Service

One on One Travel Consultant Services; Never A Call Centre

No Additional Or Variable Service Fees For Changes

Fixed $20 Booking Fee

Visa Requirements Monitoring And Assistance

Custom Itineraries And Invoices Tailored To Each Client

Complete Travel Management For Corporate And Personal Needs

Detailed Record Keeping For Maximum Efficiency

Financial Services For Easy Cash Flow Management


What our clients say

Travel means different things to different people – and at Inspired Travel Group we cater to all flights of fancy. Whether you are looking after a group of travellers or just one executive, Inspired will take care of all of your needs with flawless efficiency and accuracy.

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By submitting your contact details, you’re taking the first step towards improving your travel service. Whether you’re currently booking everything yourself online or using another travel agency, our account managers will help identify and explain how we will improve your experience in every way. Don’t worry though, there’s never any obligation or contract with us; we win your trust and loyalty with every interaction.