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Whether your company travels every week or only a few times a year, your travel with Inspired is always rewarded. 

For every dollar you spend, you are rewarded with one Inspirations point.

These points can be used to experience some incredible benefits, ranging from gift cards to all expense paid trips abroad!

These experiences can then be used to motivate and reward your employees. 

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Exclusive Membership Tiers

The more your team travel, the more valuable your points become with our four fantastic tiers. Gold tier members receive a 15%  discount on redemptions, on top of 65,000 bonus points!

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Our entry tier ensures that whenever you book with us you are rewarded with Inspirations Points, granting you access to the Inspirations Boutique!

Annual Spend up to: $99,999

*Qualifying travel spend calculated annually in the calendar year preceding redemption period from January 1 to December 31 

**Redemption and eligibility period open from March 1 to February 29 the year following qualifying spend

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Inspirations Boutique

The Inspirations Boutique features some fabulous ideas for rewards that you can use in any way you please! Anything from gift cards and restaurant credits to experiences and fully funded trips away, the boutique has you covered!

Not enough choice?

Custom Redemptions

The Inspirations Team prides itself on working with a multitude of suppliers across Canada to deliver a truly unique range of options. However, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our suggestions, feel free to build your perfect reward from scratch!

important things you should know about Inspirations Rewards

frequently asked questions

A single point is earned through every dollar spent using our Corporate Travel service. That means that the more you travel the more points you earn!

Currently, to work out the Canadian Dollar value of your points, you simply have to divide your points total by 200. So, for example, 10,000 points is equal to $50 in value!

Speaking with your travel advisor is the easiest and most efficient way to spend your points, as they will be able to advise on the most efficient use of your buying power!

Clients receive monthly newsletters with updated points totals, as well as access to exclusive  monthly offerings.

In short? Anything. However, to make things a little easier, we have the Inspirations Boutique! These featured rewards, along with the ones you receive in your Rewards Newsletter give ideas on what your points can be spent on. However, it doesn’t end just there; your own personal custom redemptions can also be filled out over on our rewards page!

Each year your total spend defines your tier, and you hold both the status and benefits until the next year!

The biggest benefit of the higher tiers is that you receive a redemption discount of up to 15%! If that wasn’t enough, you also receive additional rewards, such as additional seat selections, bonus Inspirations Rewards points, lounge passes and hotel gift cards!

No, your points won’t ever expire. However, they can only be spent by active clients (those having booked in the last three months).