The 10 Reasons Why Your Company Would Benefit from a Corporate Travel Agent


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The benefits of a travel agent for corporate travellers has never been more obvious than throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the almost ever changing list of rules and restrictions.

The workload now required to pull off a successful business trip has risen exponentially, making internal travel planning a nightmare that almost isn’t worth facing. So, it is no surprise that a reported 44% of travellers are considering using a travel advisor as a result of the pandemic.

10 Benefits of a Travel Agent for Your Business

1. Accountability

The first and most significant benefit of a corporate travel agent is that they are solely responsible for the success of your trip. It is their job to make sure you arrive at every presentation, meeting and dinner with only the business’ objectives on your mind. This means the finding the perfect hotel room, with great coffee nearby and ideally located for all of your appointments.


2. Time is money

Your time is valuable. So, scouring the internet to make sure you find the best rates on hotels and transport costs your business money. That might seem a little wasteful when a good corporate travel agent can put together entire itineraries, for multiple travellers, for a set $20 fee.


3. Maximize your reward point return

The best business travel agents take full control of your travel accounts, helping you both earn and spend your various frequent flyer and loyalty points as efficiently as possible.


4. You will NEVER have to wait on hold to a call centre

If you have never spent several hours on hold to an airline over a simple spelling mistake, praise your lucky stars. It remains incredible that a single stray apostrophe seemingly brings an airline to its knees. The remedy, often requires multiple different departments and frankly ridiculous fees if you do it yourself. Your travel agent, on the other hand, can bypass a lot of these hurdles and cost you neither time nor money.


5. Exclusive rates that you will never find

It might seem unfair, but no matter how hard you look, nothing will quite match the rates made available to travel agents. Relationships, garnered over decades, will see travel agents jump the queues for their clients, finding space where seemingly there is none.


6. Itinerary building expertise

Recommendations can range anywhere from restaurants to eat at, hotels to avoid and ways round particularly slow traffic. If you are travelling there, the chances are your travel agent knows the lay of the land. The goal is always to make your experience easier, leaving you to focus on the things that matter.


7. Visa and travel requirement wizards

There are new rules effecting every country in the world every day. That is, at least how it feels. This isn’t something that needs a minute of your time however. Outsource that problem to experienced corporate travel agents and rest easy.


8. Personal travel management

Let’s say, the CEO wants to go away with their family for a week. They don’t have the time to worry about bookings and itineraries, so they hand it off. Now, that is a lot of pressure to pile on an Executive Assistant, no matter how talented they might be. A full-service corporate travel agency can handle these requests and offer all of the perks you experience as a corporate client for the same set fee.


9. Authority

The best corporate travel agents get things done. They know the people to call and exactly what to say to get what they need, it really is that simple.


10. Get rewarded on every dollar you spend

Now, this is something unique to Inspired Travel Group. On top of maximizing your loyalty points and air miles, we also offer our own rewards program. So, for every dollar you spend using our corporate travel service, you earn points that can be spent on anything from gift cards and experiences to fully funded trips to Vegas! This can be a great way to reward and incentivize your staff, and it doesn’t cost anything extra!


The best corporate travel agency operating in BC and Alberta?

You don’t have to look any further. If you have made it to the bottom of our list and you would like to hear more about what we can offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Table of Contents

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