Fully Vaccinated Status Required for Canadian Travellers as of November 30!

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Any Canadian travellers wishing to make use of Canada’s federally-regulated transportation, such as air travel, VIA Rail and Rocky Mountains Trains, are required to carry proof of vaccination.

The new measures will be requirements for all travellers aged 12 and above as of tomorrow, November 30.


Do the measures apply to all Canadian travellers

There are some exemptions, with road transportation such as cars and buses not included. 

Unvaccinated foreign nationals will be free to leave Canada until February 28, if they provide a negative molecular test for Covid-19. This does, however, only apply to travellers or workers that entered Canada prior to October 30.


A boost for corporate travellers

The new measures dead include some good news for those making short trips for business; travellers leaving and returning to the country less then 72 hours later are no longer required to take a covid test. 


New vaccines added to green list

November 30 also marks the date that three new vaccines will be added to the list of approved inoculations. Now, fully vaccinated status will be granted 14 days after completing the full course of the following:

  • Sinopharm; 
  • Sinovac; 
  • Pfizer-BioNTech; 
  • Moderna; 
  • AstraZeneca; and 
  • Janssen/Johnson & Johnson.

The new measures affecting Canadian travellers may well have the effect of encouraging many of the remaining vaccine-sceptics to cross the divide, which will in turn lead to more restrictions loosing as the rate of vaccination goes up.

We are yet to see quite how this new variant might impact our upcoming plans. But, for peace of mind, if you are travelling for business make sure to get in touch with us at Inspired Travel Group!


Table of Contents

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