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Aiding Green Initiatives

Corporate travel is a significant source of pollution across the globe, that is simply the reality. However, we like to support the green initiatives of our clients as best we can.

This includes delivering comprehensive carbon reports that can be used for carbon offsetting, as well as supporting companies by providing more sustainable business travel options. 


Tailored Sustainable Travel Solutions

We understand that each company has a very unique approach to their sustainability goals and requirements. 

As part of our full-service approach to corporate travel management, through reporting and development of travel policy, we are able to help support your green initiatives.

Comprehensive Carbon Reporting

Our clients are provided with detailed carbon reports, for full visibility when it comes the carbon footprint of their corporate travel.

This information can then be used to offset carbon emissions and reduce the environmental impact of your business and it’s travel.

The best business travel management software will keep you up to date on the go!
Sustainable business travel starts with the providers you work with

Providing more sustainable corporate travel options

The easiest way to have an impact on the carbon footprint of your companies corporate travel program is to select more sustainable providers, or fly only on more economical aircrafts.

Making use of electric car rentals and public transport is another way to enjoy a more sustainable corporate travel experience. 

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