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Quality over quantity

Corporate travel is fast-paced and often last minute, which is why great service is absolutely essential in our industry!

Arriving at a meeting stress free, with a clear head, can be the difference between success and failure; that’s where we come in… 

At Inspired Travel, we put customers first. This means whatever the challenge, even 24 hours a day, there will always be an experienced agent on hand to assist.

Each agent also has a strict limit on their number of clients, in order to maintain this quality of care.


Our agents all posses a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry. This means you receive the wisdom and experience of someone who has dedicated their career to travel.


We have invested in state of the art technology in order to provide instantly accessible support to our clients. The powerful TripCase app makes managing your itinerary simple.


Our simple $20 itinerary fee covers our full range of comprehensive services and even multiple travellers. There are no sign up costs or charges for seeking help, regardless of when you need it. 

“For us, travel isn’t a job, it is our passion. We consider ourselves lucky to work in this incredible industry every single day and love helping travellers get to where they need to go!”

– Max Hansen

“When motivation comes from passion, not obligation, you truly care about your output. We are proud of the work we do, providing the highest quality of care to our clients.”

– Danielle Riddle

Our Story

After many years working for some of the world’s largest travel companies, something became very clear to us: Too many agencies saw travel as a transaction. The needs of clients were always an afterthought.

With our corporate travel service, we limit the client lists of our agents in order to provide  industry leading service, something  we pride ourselves on.

In addition to our corporate travel service, clients are granted access to the incredible Inspirations Rewards program. Clients earn points for every dollar spent, which they can convert into gift cards, experiences and even trips abroad!

The perfect combination or service and value! 


important things you should know about our Corporate travel service

Questions And Answers

Changes are covered by the $20 flat fee. So don’t worry, contact your dedicated travel professional and they will happily resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

Don’t waste your time waiting to speak to an airline rep. Jump straight on the phone with your dedicated agent and they will have you re-routed in no time. 

Your dedicated agent will have comprehensive knowledge of all the issues you might come into contact with regards to COVID. Don’t waste your time scouring the web. 

Clients receive monthly newsletters with updated points totals, as well as access to exclusive  monthly offerings.

Yes! A key feature of our corporate travel service is our unique staffing structure; there will always be an experienced agent on hand, 24 hours a day!

We have repatriated a number of clients, coming up with creative ways to get you home. Don’t waste your time with airport customer service, get straight on the phone to your dedicated agent!

Nothing. Getting quotes and planning your travel needs never incurs a fee. It’s only if you choose to book that the $20 fee applies

While we’re not open to the public for vacations, for our corporate clients, we offer an exclusive leisure service, specializing in luxury vacations and unique getaways

For those that require a higher level of service

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