It’s Good News for Corporate Travel with Canada Scrapping Pre-Departure Testing for the Fully-Vaccinated


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From April 1, fully-vaccinated travellers entering Canada will no longer need to carry out pre-departure testing – though random testing of arrivals still remains in place. 

The Canadian government has finally announced the relaxation of its entry restrictions, a decision that has been met with widespread joy from anyone associated with travel and tourism across the country.

What does it mean for me?

From next month, fully vaccinated travellers will be able move more freely across our borders uninhibited by expensive and problematic testing procedures. This will most certainly be of benefit to corporate travellers, who have been consistently put off of travelling internationally due to the uncertainty that is born out of constant testing.

Does that mean no more testing at all?

Yes, if the country you are travelling to has also dropped the requirement for pre-departure testing. To find out more about the particular restrictions effecting each and every nation – check out this interactive map from kayak.

How is the industry reacting?

Air Canada welcomed the “excellent news”, with their Vice President David Rheault stating that the rule change would “provide travellers with more certainty, allowing them to plan their next trip with more confidence”.

It did look as if Canada was starting to slip behind the rest of the world, with many nations relaxing entry requirements in the opening months of the year. Thankfully, common sense prevailed, much to the delight of Canada’s struggling tourism sector.

What is the problem with pre-departure testing?

The current rules that require pre-departure testing simply do not line up with the “herd resistance” approach being taken in Canada and across much of the world. So, it remains that, until the new rules come into play, a positive test can completely de-rail corporate and leisure travel plans regardless of the time, effort and care put into their planning.

Is the end in sight?

Corporate travel does remain somewhat of a minefield for the time being. But, with each month that passes we appear to be slowly edging back to some semblance of normal.

If you are looking to travel for business, now more than ever, it is important to have an experienced travel management team. To hear more about the service we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Table of Contents

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