Inspired Difference

Only the very best

Every agent that works for ITG has at least 10 years of experience being an agent. What does that mean? You get wisdom and experience, and the dedication of someone who has made travel their career. 

One on one dedicated travel consultant

Each client is assigned one travel consultant who looks after any and all needs of your account. You will never be referred to another agent or call centre, and even if your agent is sick or on vacation, one other designated agent looks after your account and has access to all of your preferences. We’ll never leave you high and dry! 

Quality over quantity

The number of clients each agent has assigned to their portfolio is carefully managed to ensure that an outstanding service standard can be maintained. Agents are measured on client satisfaction and not on revenue volume.

work smarter

On the cutting edge

We’ve invested in state of the art technology to be able to provide the best service possible to every client. Beyond our office, our systems reach into your pocket with our powerful TripCase mobile app integration.

Your dedicated agent in your pocket

TripCase helps to revolutionize the way we interact with our clients by giving you and your travellers access to more real time information before, during and after trips. In addition to keeping our contact details close at hand should you need assistance of any kind.

live info, on the go

ITC Inspiration Rewards

It’s simple, we have amazing relationships with our partners. So great in fact that we can’t take full advantage of what they offer us. The solution? Make it available to our clients! You work hard and make it possible to do what we love doing; So thank you – have some perks.

The Program

The Inspirations program is a rewards and incentive program designed to reward top performing Executive Assistants, Travel Arrangers, or for company incentives as a whole. By collecting and redeeming Inspirations Points, participants can tailor their rewards to their personal interests and tastes, or to their company’s objectives.

The Points

Collecting rewards points couldn’t be easier. Simply book travel through your dedicated Corporate Travel Consultant, and each dollar you spend equates to one point in your Inspirations account. You can enquire at anytime as to how many points you have and you will receive a monthly newsletter, outlining where you stand, and how close you are to your dream reward, along with our feature Inspiration of the month.

From as little as $5000 in travel spend, you will be eligible to redeem fabulous rewards and experiences. From local shopping, restaurant, and spa vouchers, to luxury overnight indulgences, weekends away, and amazing dream vacations. Our Inspirations team will even work with you to create tailor made travel experiences to suit your individual tastes.


Points can be redeemed at any time and as often as you like for rewards in the ever expanding Inspirations Boutique. There are no limits or blackout periods so there’s nothing getting between you and pure indulgence. Inspirations, it’s what’s been missing from corporate travel.

ok isn't enough

Affordable Value and Support

Fees are a fact of life. But nobody likes paying fees, on top of fees, on top of fees. Why can’t you pay one up front fee and have everything included? 

$20 booking fee

Guaranteed booking fee per itinerary, and the lowest in the industry. No tricks or strings attached; book one or multiple people on a trip, and have everything from planes to hotels and all that’s in between covered by a flat $20 plus tax. 

No Change fees

Your business needs change fast and you want to keep up; do you deserve a penalty? Of course not!

Bookings never incur any kind of change fee, leaving you free to make plans in advance, or change your mind at the last minute. Remember that $20 flat fee? It’s got changes covered too.

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All Day, Every Day

We work 9 to 5 Monday to Friday; odds are, so do you. But what happens when you travel and your 9 to 5 isn’t the same as our 9 to 5?

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

How we manage our 24 hour emergency service relates back to how we have organized our office. We don’t use a call centre during business hours and we don’t outsource to a call centre for our after hour’s service either.

You can rest assured that you will always be in the safe hands of one of our expert in-house corporate travel consultants, giving you the utmost confidence that our always professional and reliable service will be there to look after your travel needs, 24/7. 

So whether it’s canceled flights, medical emergencies or other unpredictable events, we are here ready and able to sort it out, so you don’t have to.

ITG Emergency Service: +1 604 568 5003 / 1 for emergency assist

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Using our experience, networking power, creative thinking and tireless work ethic, we provide to our client all of the unique benefits of our high service travel agency. We work collaboratively to solve complicated issues, and resolve the daily challenges our clients’ experience in their travels to create value and earn loyalty.