Fully vaccinated Americans may be allowed to enter Canada by mid-August

Niagara Falls border set to re-open in August for vaccinated Americans _ Niagara Featured

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally indicated that Canada-U.S. border may well re-open, for fully vaccinated Americans, in a months time. 

If the progress being made with vaccinations continues at the same rate, international travellers from across the globe could be welcomed as early as September.

The news was broken in the final paragraphs of a readout of a call from the Prime Minister’s Office, as Trudeau addressed Canadian premiers.

“The prime minister noted that, if our current positive path of vaccination rate and public health conditions continue, Canada would be in a position to welcome fully vaccinated travellers from all countries by early September,” it reads.

“He noted the ongoing discussions with the United States on reopening plans, and indicated that we could expect to start allowing fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents into Canada as of mid-August for non-essential travel.”

The good news followed a boast by Trudeau; Canada is leading the G20 countries in vaccination uptake. 80 per cent of those eligible have received at least one dose, whilst half are fully vaccinated.

The number of fully vaccinated Americans is nearly closing in on 50 per cent of the population, at 48.9 per cent at the time of writing.

Pressure has been mounting on the federal government to further ease restrictions, particularly from the United States, who have been much sharper to lift public health measures.

The more cautious approach taken by the Trudeau administration has long been supported by Canadians. However, sentiment is starting to shift as residents peek across the boarder.

With current travel restrictions set to expire next week, Ministers are expected to share more plans in the coming days regarding our next steps out of the pandemic.


Table of Contents

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