From Comfort to Convenience: What Business Travellers Look for in a Hotel


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How much time do you spend in a hotel as a business traveller each year? Most likely a lot, which means that your hotel becomes your home away from home. With this in mind, you should consider that hotels have to provide more than just a room to sleep in. In 2023, business travellers will have different requirements than tourists.

Hotels need to cater to these needs to attract business travellers from around the world. In today’s article, we will talk about the most relevant must-haves that business travellers look for in a hotel.

1. Convenient Location

For business travellers, a convenient location is one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel. Many business travellers look for hotels close to their meeting locations. 

This means that business travellers want to be able to get to where they need to be fast, efficiently, and without spending too much time on transportation. Therefore, a convenient location is a top priority when choosing a hotel.

2. Fast and Free Wi-Fi

In today’s digital world, fast and free Wi-Fi is a necessity for most business travellers. Whether you need to work from a hotel room or attend an online meeting, free and fast-working Wi-Fi is a must-have for a productive business trip. Therefore, consider checking out hotels with the best possible Wi-Fi connection.

3. Comfortable Hotel Rooms

A comfortable room is essential for most business travellers, who often spend long hours, days, and weeks on a business trip. Especially if you often work in a hotel room. For this reason, the room should be well-equipped with comfortable furniture, proper natural lighting, and enough space to work productively.

Getting a good night’s sleep is no less important, so make sure the bed is comfortable and the room is quiet and kept at the right temperature. Remember, the healthier you rest, the better you work.

4. On-site Business center

For many business travellers, it’s important to have access to a business centre that provides printing, faxing and scanning services. This will help you stay on top of their work, even when they are away from their office.

5. Business Lunch or Dinner Restaurant

Lack of time is the most common problem facing business travellers. Therefore, having a good spot for a business lunch nearby, can be a big advantage. It will save you time and energy from endless searches for a place to eat. If you are traveling to Vancouver, here is a list of the best lunch restaurants in Vancouver!

6. Gyms or Fitness Centers

Staying fit and healthy is important for many business travellers. With so much stress and work during your business trip, having access to a gym or fitness centre inside a hotel can help you stay on track with your fitness routine.

7. Meeting Venues and Conference Facilities

Business travellers who need to hold meetings or conferences while they are away. Having access to meeting and conference facilities can be a big plus. The hotel should have well-equipped meeting rooms with the latest technology, as well as catering and support services.


Business travellers want hotels that provide them with the comfort, convenience and support; they need to be productive and successful while on the road. By understanding and meeting these needs, hotels can attract and retain this valuable market segment.


Table of Contents

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