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Thinking of starting a business in Canada this year? With a 2.0% growth forecast, it’s the perfect time for entrepreneurs to enter the market. So, if you’re looking to start something new, you’re in the right place.

Here’s our list of the top 10 business ideas for 2024 to help you spot the best market opportunities. Ready to explore? Let’s get into it.

What are the Top 10 Businesses to Start in Canada in 2024?

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform
  2. Organic Food Delivery Service
  3. Real Estate Agency
  4. Green Cleaning Service
  5. Waste Management
  6. Electric Car Charging Station
  7. Immigration Consultant Agency
  8. Dropshipping
  9. Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  10. Affiliate Marketing

1. Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform

Coding SaaS

Looking to start a business with long-term potential? Then creating a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform can be a great option. With SaaS, you provide online software solutions to businesses, helping them solve specific problems like project management or customer relationship management. 

The beauty of SaaS is that once you’ve developed your software, you can offer subscription-based access to businesses who need it. Unlike traditional businesses, there’s no need to worry about manufacturing costs, shipping or customization for each client, making it a highly efficient long-term business opportunity.

List of the top SaaS businesses to consider:

  1. Project Management Software: Streamline project workflows, assign tasks and track progress efficiently.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: Manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.
  3. Email Marketing Platform: Design, automate and track email campaigns to engage with your audience effectively.
  4. Accounting and Invoicing Software: Simplify financial management, invoicing and expense tracking for your business.
  5. Human Resources Management System (HRMS): Manage employee data, payroll, benefits and performance evaluation processes.
  6. Video Conferencing and Collaboration Tools: Facilitate remote communication, collaboration and team meetings with video conferencing solutions.
  7. Social Media Management Software: Schedule, publish and analyze social media content across multiple platforms to enhance your online presence.
  8. Customer Support and Helpdesk Software: Provide efficient customer support through ticket management, live chat and self-service portals.
  9. Content Management System (CMS): Create, manage and publish digital content for websites and online platforms.
  10. Online Learning and Training Platform: Deliver interactive and engaging online courses, training modules and educational content to learners.

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2. Organic Food Delivery Service

Organic food delivery is becoming popular across Canada, especially in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The reason is that many people, with their busy schedules and limited time for grocery shopping, are seeking convenient access to fresh and organic groceries.

You can deliver fresh, locally grown organic fruits and veggies to city folks, who want healthy and convenient options.

Starting this service requires smart and strategic planning. However, with the right approach, you can meet the growing demand for organic food and build a successful business that helps busy people eat healthier and supports local farmers.

3. Real Estate Agency

Keys on the door

Real Estate has always been in demand, and with Canada’s growing housing market, starting a real estate agency in 2024 presents a promising opportunity. In 2023 alone, the average home price in Canada increased by 16.3% compared to the previous year. 

So, if you’re thinking about starting a business in Canada in 2024, getting into real estate could be a wise choice. Here are 6 steps that help you to get started:

  1. Choose your niche: Determine whether you want to specialize in residential properties, commercial real estate, luxury homes or niche markets like vacation rentals or investment properties.
  2. Obtain the necessary licenses and certifications: Research the requirements for becoming a licensed real estate agent or broker in your province or territory. Complete the required courses and exams to obtain your license.
  3. Develop a solid business plan: Outline your agency’s objectives, target market, competitive analysis, marketing strategies and financial projections. A well-thought-out business plan will serve as a roadmap for your agency’s success and help you secure financing if needed.
  4. Build your professional network: Establish connections with other real estate professionals such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, lawyers and contractors. Networking can lead to referrals and partnerships that can benefit your agency in the long run.
  5. Invest in marketing and branding: Develop a strong brand identity and create a marketing plan to promote your agency’s services. Create a professional website and utilize online platforms like Zillow, Realtor.ca, and MLS Listings to showcase your listings and attract clients and build your reputation in the industry.


By following these steps and staying dedicated to your goals, you can start and grow a successful real estate agency in Canada in 2024.

4. Green Cleaning Service

Green Cleaning

According to Environmental and Climate Change Canada, 70% of Canadians prefer to buy products that don’t harm the environment. This means there’s a big market for a Green Cleaning Service. This business uses friendly, green products instead of strong, harmful chemicals.

You can start small by investing in basic cleaning supplies and gradually expand your services. Your customers would be homeowners, offices, schools and other places that want to keep things clean and green. 

By targeting people and businesses that want eco-friendly options, you’ll stand out. This not only helps the environment but also helps your business grow.

5. Waste Management

Waste Management

Did you know that in 2023, Canada generated approximately 25 million tonnes of waste, with only about 30% being recycled? For this reason, waste management is another great option for making a positive impact on the environment while running a successful enterprise.

Here’s where you step in: By starting a waste management business, you can help communities and businesses properly dispose of their waste while also promoting recycling and sustainability. You can offer services such as waste collection, recycling, composting and hazardous waste disposal.

To get started, you can reach out to municipalities, businesses and residential areas to offer your services. Additionally, platforms like Waste Connections and Waste Management Canada can provide valuable resources and connections for launching and growing your waste management business. 

With its potential for positive impact and profitability, waste management could be an excellent business idea to consider in 2024!

6. Electric Car Charging Station

Electric Car Charging Station

As more people in Canada switch to electric vehicles to reduce pollution, the demand for places to charge them is growing fast. For those who are thinking about starting a business that helps the environment and meets the needs of the modern world. Consider opening an electric car charging station. 

Here’s how it works: You set up charging stations in public places, like parking lots of malls or office buildings. These stations let electric car owners charge up their vehicles while they’re out and about. Plus, by offering fast-charging options, you can attract even more customers, especially those on long road trips.

The best part? The government offers incentives and grants to support businesses like yours that promote eco-friendly transportation.This means you can get help to set up your charging station and make a positive impact on the environment while making money. 

If you’re interested in opening an electric car charging station in Canada, there are several governmental programs and incentives available to support you:

  1. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstrations (EVID) Program: This program provides funding to support the demonstration and deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 
  2. Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP): ZEVIP offers financial support for the establishment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Canada. 
  3. Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Programs: Some provinces and territories offer incentives or rebates for installing electric vehicle charging stations. For example, in Ontario, you can apply for the Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (EVCIP), which provides rebates for home and workplace charging stations. Check with your local government or utility provider for similar programs in your area.
  4. Canada Greener Homes Grant: While not specific to electric vehicle charging stations, the Canada Greener Homes Grant offers grants of up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades, including the installation of electric vehicle chargers.


These programs and incentives can help offset the costs of installing electric vehicle charging stations and make your business more financially viable. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria and application process for each program carefully to maximize your chances of success.

7. Immigration Consultant Agency

Immigration Consultant

In Canada, the need for immigration consultant services is constantly growing, making it a great business opportunity for 2024. With the government planning to welcome over 1.3 million immigrants by 2024, there’s a high demand for knowledgeable immigration consultants to help newcomers navigate the immigration process. 

As an immigration consultant agency, your job is to help people navigate the immigration process, from visa applications to understanding different immigration programs. 

To start, consider becoming a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or joining the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Building a professional website and using social media, like LinkedIn, will help you attract clients. Collaborating with immigration law firms and educational institutions can also expand your network and establish your credibility.

By offering reliable immigration services, you not only have the opportunity to build a successful business but also to help people fulfill their dreams of moving to Canada.

8. Dropshipping


Looking to start an online business but unsure where to begin? Dropshipping might be the answer for you. It’s a business model where you sell things from suppliers on your website without dealing with the products yourself. So, no need to keep stock or handle shipping. 

3 simple steps to help you get started:

  1. Set up your online store: Quickly launch your online shop using platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. These user-friendly platforms offer templates and tools to help you create your store in no time, even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  2. Find products to sell: Explore platforms like Oberlo or AliExpress, where you’ll discover a wide range of products from various suppliers. These platforms streamline the process of adding products to your store, allowing you to browse, select, and import items seamlessly.
  3. Select profitable products: Utilize tools such as Google Trends, SaleHoo and BuzzSumo to identify trending and high-demand products. By analyzing market trends and consumer preferences, you can pinpoint products with the potential for high sales and profitability.

9. Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Another great niche to consider in 2024 is providing accounting & bookkeeping services. In 2022, the accounting industry in Canada grew to $26 billion, showing a huge demand for financial services. So, if you have expertise in this field, starting your own agency could be just right for you.

A comparison of bookkeeping and accounting indicates that while bookkeeping involves the day-to-day recording of financial transactions, accounting encompasses a broader range of financial tasks, including analyzing, interpreting and reporting financial data.

Here’s the scoop: According to Statistics Canada, there are over 250,000 accountants, and small businesses really need their help. Using digital tools like QuickBooks and FreshBooks, you can easily manage clients’ finances from anywhere. Plus, platforms like Upwork or Fiverr can help you find clients and get your business started. 

So, if you’re good with numbers and want to help businesses stay organized and on track, starting an accounting business could be your way to success!

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing - Best Businesses to Start in Canada

Last, but not the least in our list is affiliate marketing. 

Here’s how it works: you promote products or services from other companies on your website or social media. When people buy through your unique link, you earn a commission. The best part? You don’t need to create your own products or worry about shipping. It’s a low-risk way to make money online.

To get started, sign up for affiliate programs with companies like Amazon, ClickBank, or ShareASale. These platforms connect you with thousands of products to promote and even provide you with special links to track your sales and earnings.

So, if you’re passionate about certain products and love sharing your recommendations with others, affiliate marketing could be a great fit for you.


Exploring the top 10 businesses to start in Canada for 2024 shows plenty of opportunities across various industries. Canada’s dynamic market offers niches for every entrepreneur, from technology enthusiasts to sustainability advocates. With careful planning and dedication, you can turn these ideas into successful businesses.

If you’re someone who’s often on the road for work in Canada, Inspired Travel Group is here to help. We make sure your trips are smooth and easy, so you can focus on your business. Reach out to us for all your corporate travel needs, and we’ll take care of everything.

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