The Importance of Having 24/7 Corporate Travel Assistance

24/7 corporate travel assistance should be the cornerstone of any business travel solution.

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Running a successful business means investing in corporate travel. But, in an unpredictable market, managing travel can certainly be a daunting. That’s why 24/7 corporate travel assistance should be the cornerstone of any business travel solution. At Inspired Travel Group, we specialize in humanizing the corporate travel experience, by offering an in-house 24/7 emergency line, managed by our own corporate travel specialists.

What is 24/7 corporate travel assistance

In-house 24/7 corporate travel assistance is a service provided by only the best corporate travel agencies in Canada. This means round-the-clock emergency coverage for your team as you travel around the world. Corporate travel assistance is often something outsourced to call centres, so be sure to avoid this when choosing your next corporate travel provider.

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Benefits of having 24/7 corporate travel assistance


One of the key benefits of having 24/7 corporate travel assistance, is having direct access to your corporate travel advisor when you need them most. An experienced corporate travel agent can take care of anything from booking and changing flights and hotels, to arranging ground transportation.


Efficient Travel Management

Having an experienced corporate travel agent on hand will infinitely increase the efficiency of your corporate travel. They can react quickly to changes and cancelations, leaving you free to focus on their core priorities of your business trip. 


No more waiting in line

You are no longer at the mercy of the airlines. If issues come your way, speak straight with your corporate travel manager to ensure you are re-routed as quickly as possible. No more waiting in line to speak with the help desk, or waiting on hold to call-centres. Get issues resolved quickly and efficiently. 


Quality of life improvements

Having access to 24/7 corporate travel assistance means that your administrative staff are no longer responsible for out-of-hours travel. This leaves them free to focus on enjoying their downtime without the stress of ensuring all your travellers are getting from A to B.


Enhanced duty of care

For businesses that prioritize their employees’ well being, 24/7 corporate travel assistance is an absolute must. With this service, businesses can provide their employees with the necessary support and care needed when travelling. Much of what we do when providing corporate travel assistance, is reassuring and deescalating situations of high stress that are synonymous with corporate travel. 

How to choose the right 24/7 corporate travel service

When choosing the right 24/7 corporate travel service, business should consider the following key factors:

  • Who operates the emergency assistance line, is it in-house?
  • Is there an additional cost for using the service?
  • What are the conditions of using the service? eg. Travel within 48 hours.
It is essential to pick the right corporate travel service that meets your businesses specific needs, feel free to ask some questions, as not every 24/7 corporate travel assistance program is created equal.

How Inspired Travel Group can help

At Inspired Travel Group, we understand the importance of providing 24/7 corporate travel assistance in-house. Thanks to our unique approach to staffing, our emergency line is operated round-the-clock by experienced corporate travel professionals. This means you are always supported by a friendly face, no matter the issues you face when travelling.

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Table of Contents

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