Top 5 Tips for Running Successful Business Meetings Online


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Business meetings are a crucial part of daily life in organizations. According to Harvard Business Review, top decision-makers spend about 65% of their time meeting with different department heads to get updates on projects. Those with experience in a corporate setting understand that meetings can take up much of the working day. 

This challenge is even more significant  when conducting virtual meetings where participants are dispersed across different locations. Despite advancements in communication technology, organizing effective online meetings remains a hurdle due to scheduling, potential connectivity issues and communication delays. Maintaining structure in this forum can also be a struggle when multiple participants chime in simultaneously.

With this in mind, here are five valuable tips for conducting successful virtual meetings, whether they involve your company’s town hall or a casual after-work virtual gathering.

1. Choose An Appropriate Meeting App

There is an abundance of online meeting applications available today, and most of them share similar functionalities. You’ll likely use one of the more popular communication platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx. Your employer might mandate a specific program for conducting meetings.

If you have the freedom to select your online meeting app, it’s essential to seize this opportunity and thoroughly evaluate the features of each to ensure that the software aligns with your requirements. While features like screen-sharing and chat capabilities are standard in most apps, others may offer unique and more efficient tools to enhance your meeting experiences.

Choosing the right online meeting app can significantly impact the quality and productivity of your virtual gatherings. So conducting a comprehensive review of available options is prudent to a successful approach.

2. Evaluate your hardware and network performance

Dealing with technical glitches is often more manageable during traditional face-to-face meetings. But, regarding remote gatherings, they can render presenters powerless and disrupt the flow of discussions. If you find yourself in the role of meeting facilitator, encourage participants to log in a few minutes ahead of schedule to ensure that all their technological aspects function correctly.

This proactive step involves everyone checking for updates, as well as their microphones, cameras and internet connections, ultimately ensuring that each individual can both see and hear the rest of the group. Setting aside a brief period before the meeting officially commences prevents technical hiccups from overshadowing the meeting’s purpose and effectiveness.

3. Maintain Meeting Etiquettes

In essence, the principles of virtual meeting etiquette closely align with the behavior expected in a traditional office setting. Regardless of the environment, maintaining professionalism remains paramount. However, the nuances lie in the mode of communication. With the advent of new technology, it’s crucial to be mindful of specific etiquette when engaging in remote meetings. Here, we’ll delve into the top five rules to consider when participating in virtual meetings:

Opt for a Suitable Background

Sometimes, the backdrop visible during your video meeting, including posters, artwork or plants can distract your colleagues. To maintain focus on your message, consider blurring or changing your background.

Select a Noise-Free Location

Computer microphones possess surprising sensitivity and are capable of capturing even distant sounds. When possible, join meetings from a quiet area, minimizing background noise that disrupts the session.

Punctuality Is Key

Timeliness is as essential in a remote work setting as in a traditional office. Use calendar alerts or reminders on your phone to ensure you’re always on time.

Maintain Eye Contact

To foster engagement and clear communication, simulate eye contact by looking directly at your camera when speaking during video meetings. This simple adjustment enhances the connection with your audience.

Mute When Not Speaking

Given the microphone’s ability to capture even subtle sounds, it’s essential to mute it when you’re not speaking. This prevents unforeseen disruptions, such as coughs or sneezes, from interrupting the meeting flow.

These five rules encompass some of the most crucial aspects of conducting successful virtual meetings, ensuring that your professionalism shines through, even in the digital realm. 

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4. Interact With Meeting Participants

Generating interactive meeting ideas in a virtual setting can be challenging, but there are effective strategies to maintain participant engagement. One valuable approach involves incorporating polls or questionnaires before or during the meeting. Interestingly, these queries need not strictly relate to the meeting’s main topic; they can serve as icebreakers, sparking casual conversations. Questions like, “What are your plans for the weekend?” serve as an engaging conversation starter.

Furthermore, adopting a dynamic approach by addressing participants at various junctures can prove highly effective if you’re in charge of the meeting. This ensures everyone’s attentiveness and guarantees that every voice is heard. You can create a dynamic and participatory atmosphere beyond the traditional meeting format by weaving relevant yet diverse questions into your virtual meetings.

5. Avoid Remote Meeting Fatigue

Extended meetings, regardless of their format, can lead to mental exhaustion, especially when participants are continually glued to their screens. Aim for concise meetings lasting at most an hour to counter this. Additionally, providing participants with a meeting agenda or any pertinent background materials in advance can help sharpen the focus and streamline discussions.

What Makes A Successful Meeting?

Good meetings occur when everyone takes part, stays positive, works together and talks about important things. To put it simply, effective meetings happen when the group shares their knowledge, skills and energy. These meetings are lively and useful for both the person leading the meeting and the people attending it. It’s a two-way street, benefiting both the leader and the participants.

How Can You Attract Everyone's Attention?

Positivity, self-assurance and a can-do mentality have a positive, contagious effect on those around you. They will be curious, wanting to absorb some of your magnetic personality and wonder where to obtain your boundless enthusiasm. Don’t be shy about sharing your enthusiasm for a particular interest, activity, cause or person, as this will further enhance your personality in virtual meetings.

To Conclude

In short, conducting successful online meetings is a skill that can greatly enhance productivity and collaboration in today’s digital work landscape. By carefully choosing the right meeting app, ensuring technical readiness, practicing good etiquette, fostering interaction among participants and guarding against remote meeting fatigue, you can elevate the quality of virtual gatherings. 

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Table of Contents

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