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Business travel Tips You should know

Business trips are often very important and often the most interesting aspect of our jobs. But, in many cases, they can also be extremely exhausting. Therefore, Inspired Travel Group has released 8 helpful business travel tips, especially for those who travel frequently on business. This business travel guide will make the traveler’s life much easier and the trip itself more enjoyable.

1. Take advantage of loyalty programs

If you travel a lot, you should absolutely make the most of loyalty programs, as they provide you with various additional services in hotels and airports that make life much easier. 

Every little helps when it comes to business travel, so the additional benefits will do wonders to make your trip more comfortable. For example, a “fast track” for security at the airport, “lounge passes” for a bit of rest and recovery, or the ability to skip the line to “check-in” at a hotel. 

Whilst these perks may seem insignificant in isolation, in the long run, they contribute to really significant time savings. 

Reaching the top tier of our Inspirations Rewards loyalty program for example, will give you five Unlimited Airport Lounge Passes, so you are free to work, make business calls, grab refreshments, use the contact sockets and even take a refreshing shower.

2. Book Early - Fly Easy

Try to make the bookings for your business trip as early as possible, to get the best variety of options and prices. It will not only make your business trip easier but will also save you and/or your company money.

Today you can easily find and book your flight tickets, hotel rooms and car rentals online. However, when it comes to a booking for a business trip, it is better to find yourself a reliable travel management company. 

A good corporate travel agent will be able to bail you out last minute, whether that means cancelations or changes and even when your request might feel impossible. 

Support from an agency like Inspired Travel Group means you have experienced agents in your corner 24 hours a day, which can be a total lifesaver in the world of business.

3.Travel Light

Most business trips do not require you to stay for longer than a weeks time. Therefore, try to travel with carry-on suitcase only, to keep things simple. Checking baggage requires additional time and opens up the possibilities for further problems, such as missing your flight as well as delayed or lost baggage.

The average size of standard “carry-on bag” is 22” x 14” x 9”.

Also, make the most of your “personal item” allowance, which is typically 18″ x 14″ x 8″ and must fit under your seat.


4. Make A list of Items you need

Fail to prepare? Then prepare to fail. We have all been there, a forgotten laptop, USB stick or often a charger can seriously derail a presentation. So, even if you travel frequently, you should always make a list of the necessary things so that you can quickly prepare for a business trip. 

Pack your carry-on bag the evening before the trip. If possible, check the list again to see if you have taken everything you need with you.

5. Stay Energized

Delays happen, cancelations too, and there is nothing worse than too much coffee and too little to eat. Therefore, you should always take an energy bar and a bottle of water with you. So, no matter the hand you are served, you always have a source of high-nutrition energy and hydration.

6. Plan Ahead

One of the most important business trip tips is to manage your time well. Because airports, trains, taxis, and delays can cause all manor of problems. 

Therefore, you should arrive to the airport at the very least, an hour and a half before departure. If you have to check baggage, an extra half hour should suffice.

7. Charge your devices

As a business traveller, working on the go is an essential part of productivity. Therefore, you should make sure that all your devices are charged in a timely well before you are due to depart. 

Additionally, we recommend bringing a portable charger in case of an emergency, thus ensuring that no matter the problems you face on your trip, your phone will always carry charge.

8. Choose a reliable Business travel agency

To truly get the most out of your business trips, choosing a reliable business travel agency to help you plan your trip is essential. Whether we are dealing with a pandemic or not, business trips are constantly changing and the system is designed not to support that, without a lot of legwork at least.

Here at Inspired Travel Group, our full-service approach to corporate travel management means we do all the hard work for you! That means you’ll never sit on hold to an airline ever again! We ensure that your travellers get to their destination and back home again as comfortably and calmly as possible.

Fly with us

Travel with us and you will always arrive at your business meetings on time, well rested and entirely focused on the task at hand. We ensure that each and every one of your corporate travellers has the best experience by understanding their specific preferences.

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for your business and its travellers.

Inspired Travel Group is your reliable Corporate Travel Management partner!



Table of Contents

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