Business Travel Safety and Security Tips For 2023


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What is business travel safety, and how do you secure your business trip against the common pitfalls that face the complex world of domestic and international travel. 

With over 445 million business trips every year, travel is a indisputably a massive part of every business. But, how do you ensure your travellers get from A to B safely? 

In this article, we will talk about essential business travel safety tips for 2023.

1. Basic Preparations

Start with the basic precautions that every traveler should take. Whether your planning a business trip or simply a holiday, you should always make sure to:

  • Notify and share your itinerary with the relevant parties, so it is easy to track your travel. Extreme weather, airline error and even geopolitical tension can throw entirely unforeseen delays your way. So, always be prepared.

  • In order to avoid trouble being processed in new countries, double-check your travel documents and make sure to have a spare copy of each of them. For better safety, we recommend keeping all important documents in digital format on your phone or laptop.

  • Make sure to research your destination thoroughly. Be sure to check the time zone, weather conditions, culture and laws of any country prior to your visit. An essential part of security on your business trips is respecting the people and customs of each and every country you enter.

2. Travel Insurance

You never know what issues you might face when travelling in 2023, from lost baggage all the way to emergency healthcare – it is important to know you are covered. Make sure that your company provides you with personal travel insurance, with the hope that you never need use it!

3. Local Emergency Services

Create an emergency plan in case of natural disasters or other emergency situations. Find and save the numbers of local police, ambulances and your country’s embassy.

4. Food and water safety tips

When traveling abroad, keep an eye on what you eat and drink. Some areas might have suggestions to avoid street food and only to drink bottled water to prevent complications.

No matter the location, it is important to maintain good personal hygiene, particularly if frequently travelling by public transport!

Following this advice will increase the likelihood of a successful business trip.

5. Stay Aware Of Personal Documents

Keep your personal documents close at all times (IDs, passports and driving licenses). When you are in a foreign country it is important to always have all the necessary identification documents with you.

6. Ground Transportation

If your company provides you with a car rental option, make sure to check that your driving license is valid. This will typically ensure that you can use it in a foreign country.

Additionally, you may download road map apps like Google Maps. These will help you find your way around the country you travel to.

If you are planning to use public transport, it is recommended to check the timetables of local transport.

7. Accommodation Details

Business travellers should know that accommodation details are an important part of corporate travel safety. Therefore, when traveling internationally, make sure to check out hotel or apartment locations and their available check-in times.

8. Use Planning Tools

Corporate travel safety is about planning ahead. For this reason, we recommend using business travel planning tools and apps. It will help to make your trip not only safe, but also easy to manage.

Corporate Travel Managers

Today, many business travellers choose to work with specialist corporate travel management agents; with the help of a professional travel manager, you can easily minimize the potential risks you might face.

By choosing to work with a corporate travel management agency like Inspired Travel Group, business travellers can get 24/7 travel emergency support. That means you’ll always have a travel specialist in your corner to advocate for you!

We can make your business travel safety and security our responsibility. Get in touch today and never worry about corporate travel safety again!


Table of Contents

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