Can You Change Your Name on an Airline Ticket?

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When planning to fly, it’s essential that  the name on your ticket matches your passport exactly. Mistakes can happen and if the name on your ticket is spelled wrong, it could certainly complicate your travel plans. Let’s break down everything that you need to know about fixing your name on an airline ticket, whether it’s a small typo or a big change after getting married or divorced.

We'll cover following topics for Changing Your Name on an Airline Ticket:

  • Minor Corrections and Typos
  • Legal Name Changes
  • Canadian Airlines Policy
  • International Airlines Policy
  • How to Request a Change?
  • How Much Does It Cost?
  • How to Avoid Booking Mistakes?


Minor Corrections and Typos

Most airlines are understanding when it comes to minor typos or slight misspellings in your name. Correcting these errors is typically straightforward and often comes without a fee. This leniency is a recognition that small mistakes happen and shouldn’t penalize travelers with extra costs or undue stress​​.

Legal Name Changes

Life events such as marriage or divorce often lead to a change in one’s legal name. Airlines across the board tend to be accommodating in these situations, allowing passengers to update their tickets to reflect their new legal names. This process usually requires submitting the appropriate documentation, such as a marriage certificate or a court order, to the airline ahead of your flight​​​​.

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Canadian Airlines Policy

Air Canada allows passengers to correct up to three characters in their names on a ticket, but stops short of permitting full name changes or modifications to gender or date of birth without a fee. This policy balances flexibility with control, ensuring passenger lists remain accurate and secure​​.

International Airlines Policy

The policies of international airlines, including those in the United States and beyond, vary widely but generally follow the same principles of accommodating minor corrections and legal name changes with some restrictions.

  1. United States Airlines: From Alaska Airlines to United Airlines, U.S. carriers offer a range of policies for name corrections, emphasizing minor changes and legal name adjustments. Transfer of tickets to another individual, however, is largely restricted​​.

  2. European Airlines: British Airways (United Kingdom) and Lufthansa (Germany) are examples of European carriers that provide similar accommodations for name corrections, with specific fees and procedures for more significant changes.

  3. Middle East & Asian Airlines: Emirates and Singapore Airlines reflect the global airline industry’s approach to handling name changes, offering a blend of leniency for minor errors and a structured process for legal name changes, always prioritizing security and accuracy.

How to Request a Change?

If you need to correct a name on your airline ticket, start by reviewing the airline’s specific policy. Contacting customer service directly and providing any necessary documentation is your best path forward. Acting swiftly, especially if you notice the mistake close to your travel date, is crucial to ensuring a smooth resolution​​.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some airlines offer a short period after booking where you can correct names for free. Later changes might come with a fee, especially if it’s a significant change outside of a simple typo correction.

How to Avoid Booking Mistakes?

Booking and managing travel through a travel agent ensures mistakes like these are a thing of the past. A professional travel agency has the expertise to review all details carefully, reducing the likelihood of errors in names or other critical travel information. They also have direct lines of communication with airlines, which can facilitate quick corrections if any issues are found.


Remember, the key to a hassle-free travel experience starts with getting your name right on your ticket. Before you head to the airport, double-check your documents and if you spot an error, reach out to your airline sooner rather than later.

For a smooth business trip, consider partnering with a reliable Corporate Travel Agency. Inspired Travel Group is here to ensure your journey is not only successful but also memorable. Contact us today for booking and managing your corporate travel.

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