Choosing the Right Corporate Travel Management Agency: Key Considerations

Tips for deciding on the best corporate travel management agency

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When it comes to managing business travel in Canada, finding the right corporate travel management agency is crucial. A reliable and efficient agency can result on a massive quality-of-life improvements for your travellers, as well as your administrative staff. With so many options available, it is essential to understand the key considerations when choosing a corporate travel management agency. In this article, we will explore the important factors, helping you to make a well-informed decision that suits the needs of your company.

Key Considerations for your next Corporate Travel Management Agency

1. Identifying your company's specific needs

Before sifting through the pro’s and con’s of each individual corporate travel management agency, it is important to identify and understand your company’s specific travel requirements and needs. Assess your travel volume, destinations and budgets as well as any specific needs unique to your industry. Do you want a boutique, personalized service? Or are you more interested in automation and speed over service. This information will serve as a foundation for selecting an agency that can meet your precise needs.

2. Industry Experience and Expertise

When entrusting your corporate travel management to an agency, their industry experience and expertise are crucial factors that should be considered. Look for agencies that specialize in managing travel for business, with a proven track record of reliable work. Have they worked with clients in your specific industry before? Experience here when it comes to the requirements, regulations and pain-points of travel in your industry will ensure a seamless corporate travel experience for your employees.

3. Comprehensive Service Offerings

A reputable corporate travel management agency should offer comprehensive services that go beyond simply booking flights and accommodations. Make sure to look for agencies that provide full-service business travel solution, including corporate travel policy development, expense management, reporting, risk management and traveller support. A full-service approach to corporate travel management ensures that your employees are never left stranded.

4. Use of best-in-class Travel Technology

Efficient use of travel technology can play a significant role in keeping track of your employees and their movements whilst out of the office. Powerful apps like the one issued by TripCase can ensure your employees are always up-to-date when it comes to changes, cancellations and anything else that may effect their travel. From an administration perspective, you can easily access and keep track of all relevant details regarding your employees business trips.  

5. Supplier Relationships and Negotiating power

A well established corporate travel management agency should have a strong network of supplier relationships. Inquire about partnerships with airlines, hotels, car-rental companies and other service provides.  An agencies ability to secure favourable contract, rates and added beneifts will result in a better value for your company, aswell as your employees.

6. Dedicate Account Management and Customer Support

Choosing an agency that provides you with a dedicated account manager ensures personalized attention, customized solutions and prompt assistance when needed. Reliable round-the-clock customer support is absolutely essential when travelling for business in 2023! As the last few years have shown us, any number of things can come along to disrupt your business travel plans. So, it is essential to have a specialist corporate travel advisor on-hand to offer support for your travellers in emergency situations. 

7. Opportunities for a Return on Investment

Keep an eye out for a corporate travel management company that offers a unique way to experience some return on your investment. This could be through offering their own rewards program or even managing your credit card reward points for efficient spending. These are a couple of examples that really set some corporate agencies apart from the crowd.

8. Willingness to manage executive's leisure travel

It is of huge benefit to each and every business that when their executives vacation, they come back well-rested after a fantastic leisure experience. Some corporate travel management agencies will extend their comprehensive travel service to support the leisure travel of your senior staff. Don’t let the burden fall on to your administrative team and let an experienced travel professional ensure success.


Table of Contents

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