The Cost of Travel has Finally Peaked in 2022


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Businesses across the globe have been burned all summer long by the astronomical cost of travel. Ticket prices skyrocketed as fuel ran in short supply, along with decades high inflation impacting every conceivable aspect of a business travel.

Even in spite of the travel cost increase in 2022, vast swathes of the population remained desperate to travel, with this summer the first in three years set to be unmarred by lockdowns and major travel restrictions.

This demand was unfortunately entirely “unprecedented” and “unforeseen” according to many travel providers such as AirCanada. This lack of preparedness inevitably resulted in absolute chaos on the ground, driving up prices and resulting in truly unprecedented wait times and cancellations.

After a brutal summer, it is nice to be able to share good news. The peak has passed!

With the masses back to school and to work, the cost of travel has plummeted significantly. A dip of up to 25% for domestic flights was experienced toward the end of August and the number is expected to plunge closer to a 40% in the Autumn months.

This news couldn’t come at a better time for corporate travellers with many having to delay necessary trips as a result of the chaos that unfolded throughout the summer.

Less demand means a wealth of options for your corporate travel service providers, meaning direct flights at a variety of times, with a much lower risk of cancellation. The best corporate travel agents will be use this as an opportunity to increase convenience and save you money over the coming months!

Travel representation has never been more of an essential business service than in the last few months, with our own clients constantly needing to be saved from problematic redirections to compensate for poorly scheduled

For more information on the benefits of using a corporate travel agent, take a look at our 10 reasons why a corporate specialist makes sense for your business!




Table of Contents

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