Advantage Of Using the IATA Covid Map for Business Flight Planning


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What is the IATA covid map?

The IATA Covid Map is an interactive world travel regulations map that is powered by “Timatic”. The IATA travel map provides information on the level of regulations in each country.

Each country has been categorized as either

  • Totally restrictive
  • Partially restrictive
  • Not restrictive
  • Currently under review –  which means no current information is available. 

In fact, this map is updated more than 200 times per day.

You can visit the official webpage of IATA COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map.

What are the Advantages of Using an IATA Map?

Today, whether you are planning to travel for business purposes or for leisure. It’s essential to stay updated on COVID-19 travel regulations. Therefore, using an IATA Travel Map will help you to plan and be prepared for your upcoming flight.

Additionally, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) provides a variety of other useful information about:

  • Documentation for traveling – passports, visas, and health insurance

  • Countries Information

  • FAQ for travellers

  • Latest COVID-19 news and updates

Could Covid-19 really still disrupt my business trip?

Despite much of the sentiment moving to toward a COVID free existence in recent months, we aren’t entirely out of the woods yet. 

Talk of a “twindemic” is circulating as we face our first Christmas with “normal” levels of social mixing since 2019. The dual effect of Covid-19 and the winter flu may rear it’s ugly head in the coming weeks and months.


What can i do to combat disruptions?

First things is, not to worry too much. It isn’t a re-run of March 2020 as we all hope that we are well through the thick of the pandemic.

The current advice consists of:

  • Maintaining an up-to-date vaccination status
  • Continuing to wear masks, even when not mandatory
  • Frequently washing hands, particularly in airports and other busy locations
  • Keeping up to date with the IATA Covid Map


IATA’s COVID map is an essential tool that will help you to find all the necessary information for your upcoming trip. Moreover, it’s absolutely free of charge.

Need help planning a business trip? Make sure to check out the latest tips about “Corporate Travel Planning” or contact us directly!


Table of Contents

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