Fed working on global recognition for mixed doses as “International Vaccine Passports” edge closer

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The freedom granted by international vaccine passports is closer to becoming a reality, with the Canadian government working to ensure other countries recognize mixed vaccinations.

Under current guidance, Canadians immunized with mixed doses of Covid vaccines could face issues travelling to countries where vaccine mixing is yet to be approved.

Last month, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization issued guidance stating AstraZeneca-Oxford, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots may be used interchangeably.

The Canadian governments official stance discouraging non-essential travel is unchanged. However, the temptation for many is understandably too great. Those that have braved international travel, with vaccinated with mixed doses, are running into problems.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, when asked about the problems facing Canadians with mixed inoculation, said:

“We’re going to work with the international community to make sure that people who are fully vaccinated in ways that Canadians recognize as safe and effective are also recognized around the world.”

When will we see international vaccine passports?

Work towards the controversial “Vaccine Passports” is expected to be completed “over the coming weeks and months” according to Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc.

“We work with allies … in sharing data, working with them on the best immunization strategies, so we understand the concern that Canadians have around international travel,” he said.

The passports themselves aren’t without issue. Problems regarding privacy have arisen, with residents concerned about needing to scan these documents every time they pass the border.

However, there is currently no tangible alternative, with vaccination numbers across the globe not high enough to reach the quota for herd immunity. The Delta variant has also intensified the issue, tearing through communities with increased transmissibility.

What can you do?

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Table of Contents

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