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Traveler Wellbeing

Optimizing Corporate travel

Prioritizing the traveler

Understanding individual traveler preferences is essential to providing a fantastic corporate travel experience. 

We provide the best platform for success, ensuring that you arrive to every meeting in the best shape.

Identifying and avoiding any individual triggers of traveler stress results in much smoother experiences and even better results.

Our corporate travel clients are paired with a single dedicated agent to ensure standards never slip!


Dedicated agents that know your business inside and out

Each client is paired with a dedicated business travel expert in order to make sure our high-standards never slip.

This means all of your preferences, all of your likes and dislikes are seen to by one agent.

Agents have strict limits on their clientele to ensure any and every inquiry is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Quality of life prioritized to reduce traveler stress

We aren’t going to get you from A to Z as cheap and fast as possible; that isn’t our MO. 

At Inspired, we construct itineraries with the individual in mind, in order to set your representatives up with the best possible platform for success.


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Corporate Travel Solutions Customer Service

Customer Excellence

Our dedication to customer service is exhibited no better than by our commitment to 24/7 emergency support, always from business travel experts. That means no more call-centers !

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