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Looking for the top Startup Events in Canada in 2024? 

All over Canada, from Toronto and Vancouver to Montreal and Calgary, there are loads of startup events happening throughout the year.

It’s a great chance to stay on top of the latest trends, network with other professionals and find potential investors or partners. Here is our list with the top startup events to attend. 

Top Canadian Startup Events to Check Out in 2024

  1. CIX Summi
  2. Immigrants In Business Summit 2024
  3. INNOVATEwes
  4. Inventures
  5. Startupfest
  6. Forum Fintech Canada

1. CIX Summit

When & Where: March 26-27, Toronto

Topic: Technology and Innovation

Agenda: Pitch sessions, keynotes, networking

The CIX Summit in Toronto is a gathering hotspot for over 1,500 tech startups, investors and industry leaders. Focused on technology and innovation, it provides an excellent opportunity for startups ready to scale.

Additionally, it offers opportunities for investors on the lookout for promising ventures, with a rich agenda filled with pitch sessions, keynotes and networking opportunities.

If you’re looking to secure funding, gain valuable insights into the tech industry or connect with other entrepreneurs and investors, the CIX Summit offers all of this in the heart of Toronto.

It’s an essential stop for tech startups aiming to make an impact and anyone interested in the future of technology.

When & Where: April 15-16, Toronto

Topic: Entrepreneurship among Immigrants

Agenda: Workshops, panel discussions, networking

The Immigrants In Business Summit 2024 is a standout event dedicated to celebrating the achievements and addressing the unique challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs.

This summit is expected to draw hundreds of attendees, reflecting its growing significance on a national scale. It serves as an effective forum for immigrant business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to share their success stories, navigate challenges and explore opportunities within Canada’s diverse business landscape. 

The agenda includes workshops, panel discussions and networking sessions, making it a rich resource for practical advice, inspiration and community building. With its focus on the unique contributions and needs of immigrant entrepreneurs, this summit is a crucial gathering for anyone looking to start or grow their business in a supportive, understanding environment. 

Whether you’re seeking guidance, connections, or simply inspiration from like-minded individuals, the Immigrants In Business Summit 2024 promises to be an invaluable experience.

When & Where: April 16-17, Vancouver

Topic: Broad innovation across sectors

Agenda: Competitions, workshops, keynotes

INNOVATEwest in Vancouver is the premier destination for innovation across various sectors, including clean tech, health tech and digital media. Hosted at the Vancouver Convention Centre, this event promises to be a hotspot for startups, investors and thought leaders who are shaping the future of technology and sustainability.

With an expected turnout of over a thousand attendees, INNOVATEwest offers a packed agenda that includes competitive pitch events, interactive workshops and keynote speeches from industry experts.

The focus is on fostering innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship is beneficial for startups looking to showcase their groundbreaking solutions. It’s also an excellent networking opportunity, with the chance to meet a diverse group of professionals who share a commitment to driving progress and innovation.

When & Where: May 29-31, Calgary

Topic: Sustainability, Health, Agri-tech innovations

Agenda: Startup pitches, panels, networking events

Inventures is a global forum for innovators and thinkers who are passionate about making a difference in the world. This event draws entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders from around the world, all united by a commitment to sustainability, health and agri-tech among other critical areas. 

What makes Inventures truly special is its ability to offer startups a stage to showcase their groundbreaking solutions to a global audience, providing them not just visibility but valuable feedback and potential partnerships. The agenda is rich with startup pitches, panel discussions and networking events, designed to facilitate deep dives into each topic and foster meaningful connections. 

Attendees can expect to leave with new insights, inspiration and perhaps even the seeds of new collaborations. Inventures is an essential event for anyone looking to drive change and innovation in sectors that impact our planet and its future.

When & Where: July 10-12, Montreal

Topic: General startups and innovation

Agenda: Pitch competitions, thematic tents, mentorship sessions

Startupfest in Montreal is a highlight of the startup calendar, known for its dynamic and festival-like atmosphere.

This unique event attracts a diverse crowd of more than 8,000 attendees, ranging from rising entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to tech industry giants and savvy investors.

What sets Startupfest apart is its innovative format, which includes pitch competitions that give startups the chance to present their ideas and gain valuable exposure, and mentorship sessions that offer personalized advice and guidance. From experienced professionals and thematic tents that cover a wide range of topics relevant to startups at different stages of development.

The event is designed to facilitate learning, inspiration and unparalleled networking opportunities, all in a fun and engaging setting.

When & Where: September 10-11, Montreal

Topic: Fintech trends, challenges and advancements

Agenda: Keynotes, panel discussions, networking

Forum Fintech Canada is the major destination for the fintech community. This event is perfect for anyone working in or interested in financial technology, whether you’re part of a startup, an investor or a representative from a financial institution.

The forum will cover the newest trends in fintech, the challenges companies face with regulations and the latest technology breakthroughs. Expect to hear from top speakers in the industry, and participate in discussions that dig deep into important topics and ample networking opportunities.

If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in fintech, find new investment opportunities or connect with others in the field, Forum Fintech Canada is your go-to event.

Canada’s 2024 startup events offer numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to network, gather insights and discuss their industry’s future. Each event, from tech to finance, provides a crucial setting for staying ahead in the dynamic world of startups.

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