Canada finally waves goodbye to COVID-19 travel restrictions and mask mandates


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The federal government finally announced the end to the COVID-19 travel restrictions facing those entering Canada, with the vaccine mandate, random testing and ArriveCan app no longer required upon entry.

The decision, that came into force on Oct. 1st, means mandatory testing and 14-day isolation for unvaccinated travellers has also finally come to an end, two-and-a-half years on from the inception of the pandemic.

Better late than never!

Canada’s health measures at border crossings were very much in line with the global norm when they came in to place. However, with many European countries dropping such restrictions in anticipation of the summer, it does feel somewhat a chance missed where tourism is concerned.

The United States does look set to keep in place their requirements around unvaccinated travel however, with no change expected in the near term.

When can I take off my face mask on planes!?

The mask mandate that required masks to be worn on trains and planes has also expired. That means, while still recommended, you are free to do whatever makes you comfortable whilst flying!

What does this mean for corporate travel?

Finally, all of your staff will be able to cross Canada’s borders freely, regardless of their position on vaccination – something very polarizing I am sure many will be glad to leave behind!

The chaos that has consumed Canadian borders will hopefully become far easier to manage. This, in turn this should lead to less delays, less missed flights and a much more relaxed corporate travel experience.

The lives of your corporate travel agents should become a little less complicated, meaning they are able to better plan ahead and deliver smoother itineraries!

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Table of Contents

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