10 Best Business Lunch Spots in Ottawa 


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In Ottawa, finding the perfect spot for a business lunch can be a bit of a challenge with such a range of options at your disposal. It’s not just about the food, but the right vibe for sealing a deal is essential. In this diverse city, there’s no shortage of choices to be made.

Here’s a rundown of Ottawa’s 10 best business lunch spots, each offering a unique blend of flavors and atmospheres.

Top 10 Business Lunch Spots in Ottawa

  1. Chez Fatima
  2.  Sansotei Ramen
  3. La Bottega Nicastro
  4. The Brig Pub
  5.  Absinthe
  6. Cumberland Pizza
  7. Hunter’s Public House Restaurant
  8. The Scone Witch
  9. Aperitivo
  10. Les Fougeres

1. Chez Fatima

Chez Fatima Restaurant

Chez Fatima stands out with its fusion of Mediterranean, Moroccan and Middle Eastern flavors. The extensive menu doesn’t just offer variety; it caters to diverse dietary preferences, ensuring there’s options for everyone at the table. 

The restaurant’s warm and inviting ambiance enhances the overall dining experience. It is an ideal choice for a business lunch that seamlessly combines flavorful cuisine with a comfortable atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for productive discussions and enjoyable meals.

Location: 125 Promenade Du Portage, Gatineau, Quebec J8X 2K2 Canada

Website: https://www.chezfatima.ca/

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2. Sansotei Ramen

Sansotei Ramen Business Lunch Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of downtown Ottawa, Sansotei Ramen specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine and soul-warming soups. Perfect for professionals pressed for time, its straightforward menu ensures quick decisions, making it an efficient choice for a productive business lunch. Here, simplicity in both flavors and choices meets the need for a satisfying and timely dining experience.

Location: 153 Bank St, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5N7 Canada

Website: https://www.sansotei.com/

3. La Bottega Nicastro

La Bottega Nicastro Business Lunch Restaurant

Situated in Ottawa’s Byward Market, La Bottega Nicastro offers a sophisticated Italian dining experience. Boasting an array of artisanal olive oils and international cheeses, it provides a laid-back atmosphere, creating an ideal setting for a more relaxed business lunch. 

With a fusion of flavors and a calm ambiance, it stands as a tasteful spot for both savoring fine cuisine and engaging in productive business discussions.

Location: 64 George St, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5V9 Canada

Website: https://www.labottega.ca/

4. The Brig Pub

The Brig Pub for Business Lunch

At The Brig Pub, simplicity meets satisfaction. With pub-style cuisine, it caters to various dietary needs. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or late-night, the menu provides straightforward options for a laid-back environment. 

Ideal for extended business discussions, it’s a practical spot where colleagues can gather, enjoy hearty dishes and focus on what matters most.

Location: 23 York St, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5S7 Canada

Website: https://thebrigpub.com/

5. Absinthe

Absinthe-Café for Business Lunch

Absinthe stands as a haven where good food, drinks and laughter intertwine in a relaxed atmosphere. Its menu, spanning French, European, Canadian, and international dishes, caters to diverse tastes. 

The simplicity of the setting and the richness of the menu make it an ideal spot for a friendly business lunch, where the focus is on delightful flavors and enjoyable conversations.

Location: 1208 Wellington St W, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 2Z7 Canada

Website: https://www.absinthecafe.ca/

6. Cumberland Pizza

cumberland-pizza for Business Lunch in Ottawa

Cumberland Pizza serves as another culinary intersection where Italian, Greek, and Canadian flavors collide. If you are seeking a quick bite or a leisurely lunch, this spot’s menu offers diverse options. 

With a focus on convenience, it goes beyond by providing vegetarian-friendly, vegan and gluten-free choices. This makes Cumberland Pizza an ideal choice for a business lunch, ensuring that everyone’s preferences are not just considered but celebrated in a straightforward and satisfying manner.

Location: 152 Nelson St, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7R5 Canada

Website: https://restozone.ca/ottawa/cumberlandpizza/

7. Hunter's Public House Restaurant

hunter's public house ottawa

At Hunter’s Public House Restaurant, bar charm meets Canadian pub-style dishes, creating a welcoming space for business lunches seamlessly transitioning into post-work drinks. 

The diverse menu, spanning lunch, dinner, and drinks, ensures a variety of straightforward options. It’s the go-to spot for professionals seeking a hearty meal and a laid-back setting, making business discussions feel more relaxed.

Location: 4750 Bank St Unit 1, Ottawa, Ontario K1T 0K8 Canada

Website: https://www.hunterspublichouse.ca/

8. The Scone Witch

Scone witch for Business lunch

A haven for foodies, The Scone Witch specializes in breakfast and brunch. Its welcoming atmosphere and diverse menu options make it ideal for a business lunch that feels like a leisurely meal with colleagues. The simplicity and satisfaction make The Scone Witch an ideal spot for a laid-back yet enjoyable dining experience.

Location: 150 Elgin Street With Entrance on Gloucester, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 5B2 Canada

Website: https://sconewitch.ca/

9. Aperitivo

Aperitivo restaurant

Aperitivo offers a refined experience with a sophisticated blend of Mediterranean and Canadian cuisine in a contemporary setting. The addition of a wine bar brings a touch of elegance, making it a suitable and straightforward choice for a refined business lunch. 

The diverse menu and stylish ambiance at Aperitivo create a perfect balance for professionals seeking both culinary excellence and a tasteful atmosphere.

Location: 655 Kanata Ave Unit L2 Along the Pedestrian Walkway, Ottawa, Ontario K2T 1H6 Canada

Website: https://aperitivo.ca/

10. Les Fougeres

Les Fougeres bar for business lunch in Ottawa

Last but not least, Les Fougeres, a short drive from the National Capital, stands out for its farm-to-table cuisine. With a chef honored as the Best Chef in Canada 2019, this spot guarantees the freshest ingredients. 

Ideal for a business lunch, Les Fougeres offers exquisite flavors and sophistication, ensuring a straightforward yet elevated dining experience for professionals seeking culinary excellence.

Location: 783 Route 105, Chelsea, Quebec J9B 1P1 Canada

Website: https://www.fougeres.com/


In conclusion, Ottawa’s diverse culinary scene provides an array of options for professionals seeking the ideal business lunch spot. Whether you prefer the exotic tastes of Chez Fatima, the quick satisfaction of Sansotei Ramen, or the fine Italian experience at La Bottega Nicastro, these top 10 spots cater to various preferences, ensuring a delightful and productive business lunch experience.

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