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In this modern era of business, staying ahead demands continuous learning and networking. Canada, a hub of innovation and economic prowess, hosts a number of conferences that provide insights into trends and other opportunities for professionals to grow. 

This article unveils the top 10 business conferences in Canada taking place in 2024, each offering a unique platform for growth and development.

10 Best Business Conferences in Canada 2024

  • Cannexus 2024 – Canada’s Career Development Conference
  • Future of Work Canada
  • 9th Annual People Analytics Summit Canada
  • TED 2024
  • Annual Foundation, Endowment & Not-for-Profit Investment Summit
  • Customer Experience Strategies Summit 2024
  • Change Leadership Conference 2024
  • 2024 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Annual Meeting
  • 7th Annual Employee Experience Summit Canada
  • ICBPM 2024: International Conference on Business Performance Management

1. Cannexus 2024 - Canada's Career Development Conference

Kicking off the year from January 29th to 31st, Cannexus 2024 in Ottawa is an absolute must for career enthusiasts. Focused on career development, this conference brings together industry leaders, educators and career professionals. 

Participants can expect a rich exchange of ideas, innovative strategies and practical tools to succeed with personal progression. With Ottawa as the backdrop, Cannexus 2024 promises a vibrant networking experience, fostering collaborations that transcend the conference’s duration.

Link to the website: https://cannexus.ceric.ca/

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2. Future of Work Canada

Scheduled for April 8th and 9th in Toronto, the Future of Work Canada conference propels participants into the heart of the evolving work landscape. With the nature of work undergoing constant transformations, this conference is a compass for professionals seeking to understand and adapt to changing workplace dynamics. 

It serves as a knowledge hub where industry experts unravel insights into technological advancements, workforce trends and strategies for building resilient organizations. Future of Work Canada is a must-attend for those keen on aligning their strategies with the demands of the future job market.

Link to the website: https://www.fowcanada.com/

3. 9th Annual People Analytics Summit Canada

Taking place on April 9th and 10th in Toronto, the 9th Annual People Analytics Summit delves into the intersection of people and data. Designed for HR professionals and data enthusiasts, this summit explores the power of analytics in shaping human-centric workplaces. 

Attendees can anticipate deep dives into case studies, hands-on workshops, and discussions on leveraging data to enhance employee experience and organizational performance. This summit serves as a compass for HR professionals navigating the data-driven future of talent management.

Link to the website: https://www.peopleanalyticscanada.com/

4. TED 2024

From April 15th to 19th, Vancouver transforms into a haven for the intellectually curious as TED 2024 takes center stage. While not exclusively a business conference, TED consistently delivers talks that inspire, inform and challenge conventional thinking. 

With a diverse lineup of speakers spanning various disciplines, attendees can expect a mental feast that transcends the boundaries of their respective fields. TED 2024 in Vancouver is a melting pot of ideas, where the nexus of technology, entertainment and design converges to shape the future.

Link to the website: https://conferences.ted.com/ted2024

5. Annual Foundation, Endowment & Not-for-Profit Investment Summit

Set against the backdrop of Toronto from April 30th to May 1st, the Annual Foundation, Endowment & Not-for-Profit Investment Summit caters to the financial stewards of non-profit organizations. The summit unravels strategies for optimizing investments, ensuring sustainability, and navigating the unique financial challenges faced by foundations and endowments. 

Attendees can expect to gain insights from investment experts, fostering a deeper understanding of prudent financial management essential for the longevity of non-profit entities.

Link to the website: https://www.foundationendowmentsummit.com/

6. Customer Experience Strategies Summit 2024

May 14th and 15th mark the dates for the Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Toronto. In an era where customer experience reigns supreme, this summit is a great resource for businesses striving to deliver unparalleled service. Industry leaders share practical strategies, case studies and actionable insights aimed at elevating customer experience. 

Whether from the realms of retail, technology or hospitality, participants stand to gain a holistic understanding of crafting and implementing customer-centric strategies that resonate with the evolving expectations of today’s consumers.

Link to the website: https://www.customerexperiencecanada.com/

7. Change Leadership Conference 2024

On May 29th, Toronto is set to become the epicenter of discussions on leadership in times of change. The Change Leadership Conference 2024 serves as a crucible for leaders navigating transformations. 

Focused on practical approaches and real-world examples, this conference equips attendees with the tools to lead with resilience and agility. Whether managing organizational change, technological disruptions or market shifts, participants gain invaluable insights into fostering a culture that thrives amidst change.

Link to the website: https://thechangeleadership.com/change-leadership-conference-2024

8. 2024 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Annual Meeting

From June 9th to 12th, Vancouver hosts the 2024 Million Dollar Round Table Annual Meeting, a congregation of top-tier financial professionals. This meeting is not just about numbers; it’s a testament to excellence in the financial advisory realm. 

Attendees can anticipate a blend of strategic insights, networking opportunities and recognition of outstanding achievements. As financial landscapes evolve, this meeting stands as a cornerstone for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the competitive world of financial advising.

Link to the website: https://annualmeeting.mdrt.org/

9. 7th Annual Employee Experience Summit Canada

On June 18th and 19th, Toronto will draw its focus to discussions on employee engagement and satisfaction. The 7th Annual Employee Experience Summit offers a deep dive into the strategies and practices that foster a positive workplace culture. From talent acquisition to retention, this summit explores every facet of the employee journey. 

Attendees gain actionable takeaways to create workplaces that not only attract top talent but also nurture and retain them in a landscape where employee experience is a key differentiator.

Link to the website: https://employeeexperiencesummit.ca/

10. ICBPM 2024: International Conference on Business Performance Management

Closing the list on August 3rd and 4th is the International Conference on Business Performance Management in Vancouver. As businesses strive for efficiency and excellence, this conference explores the intricacies of performance management. 

From KPIs to process optimization, attendees can expect a comprehensive exploration of strategies that drive business performance. This conference is a must-attend for professionals seeking to fine-tune their organizations for success in an ever-competitive global landscape.

Link to the website: ICBPM 2024


These conferences provide a comprehensive overview of the Canadian business landscape in 2024, covering career development, financial excellence and guiding professionals in their respective domains. In addition to valuable knowledge, they offer excellent networking opportunities, setting the stage for a successful professional year.

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