Your 2024 Guide to Canada’s Must-Attend HR Conferences

Guide to Canada's Must-Attend HR Conferences in 2024 Featured

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Looking for the best HR events in Canada this year? You’re in the right place. We’ve put together a guide for the top HR conferences happening across Canada this year, perfect for anyone looking to boost their skills, network with others in the field and get a head start on the latest trends and technologies in HR.

Top HR Conferences to attend in Canada in 2024:

1. Learning and Development Summit Canada
2. CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference & Expo
3. HR Tech Summit Canada
4. 21st Global Conference on Human Resource Management (GCHRM)
5. Evolve HR Conference
6. HR Leaders Summit

Learning and Development Summit Canada

The Learning and Development Summit Canada poster

When & Where: April 10, Toronto
Conference Venue: Arcadian Court, Toronto

Audience: Training and development specialists, corporate trainers and eLearning developers

Topic: Innovative strategies in training and development

The Learning and Development Summit Canada stands out for its focus on interactive learning, drawing in about 400 professionals keen on advancing their educational techniques. This event is renowned for its practical approach, offering workshops and sessions where you can immediately put new ideas into practice. This summit is not just about absorbing information; it’s about experiencing and applying it in real-time, making it a particularly beneficial opportunity for HR teams looking to make tangible improvements in their learning and development strategies.

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CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference & Expo

CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference & Expo poster

When & Where: April 30 to May 1, Vancouver
Conference Venue: Vancouver Convention Centre West

Audience: HR generalists, specialists in HR functions and senior HR leaders looking for comprehensive updates and networking.

Topic: HR trends and innovations

As the largest HR gathering in Western Canada, CPHR BC & Yukon HR Conference & Expo features over 100 exhibitors and draws more than 1,000 attendees. It’s a prime spot for learning, networking and discovering the latest HR products and services. The event includes keynotes from industry leaders, practical workshops and networking opportunities in beautiful settings. It’s a great opportunity for HR professionals to get up-to-date with the latest trends, meet other professionals in the field and pick up new ideas and solutions for their workplaces.

HR Tech Summit Canada

HR Tech Summit Canada poster

When & Where: June 4, Mississauga 

Conference Venue: The International Centre
Audience: HR IT specialists, tech-savvy HR professionals and anyone involved in the digital transformation of HR processes.

Topic: Digital transformation in HR

The HR Tech Summit Canada is a key event for anyone interested in the latest in HR technology, attracting over 700 attendees. It addresses the challenges HR leaders face today, such as economic pressures, skill shortages, and the fast pace of technological change. This summit puts a spotlight on how adopting new technologies, like AI and data analysis, is essential for staying competitive. Attendees will get to see live demos of new tools, discuss digital transformation strategies, and learn about ways to improve operational efficiency. It’s a chance to hear from leading companies, connect with tech innovators, and learn from both startups and tech giants.

21st Global Conference on Human Resource Management (GCHRM)

21st Global Conference on Human Resource Management (GCHRM) poster

When & Where: July 26-28, Vancouver

Conference Venue: The University of British Columbia

Who it is for: HR professionals, academics and students focused on global HR trends and practices 

Topic: Navigating Global HR Challenges

The 21st Global Conference on Human Resource Management (GCHRM) in Vancouver is a global platform for sharing the latest in HR research and practices. This two-day conference focuses on crucial topics like employee engagement, internal communication, conflict resolution, mindfulness and digital skills in HR. The conference aims to advance the HR field by fostering a collaborative environment for learning and networking. It’s designed for a wide range of participants, including HR professionals, organizational psychologists and business managers, to exchange insights and innovative solutions. If you’re interested in advancing your HR knowledge and connecting with global peers, GCHRM is the place to be.

Evolve HR Conference

Evolve HR Conference poster

When & Where: October 8-11, Calgary

Conference Venue: Best Western Premier Calgary Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre

Who it is for: HR professionals interested in updating their practices and learning about new trends

Topic: Modern HR strategies and technologies

Evolve HR is a one of the must-attend HR conferences in Canada, attracting approximately 500 attendees who are keen to explore the future of human resources. This event is tailored for HR professionals looking to navigate the complexities of the industry with the latest trends, insights and innovative strategies. Evolve HR features sessions on a wide array of topics including talent management, employee engagement, diversity and leveraging technology in HR practices, all designed to provide practical solutions and forward-thinking approaches. The conference also offers a great platform for learning, networking and idea exchange among industry leaders and peers. It’s an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, enhance their HR skills and bring fresh perspectives back to their organizations.

HR Leaders Summit

HR Leaders Summit poster

When & Where: November 12-13, Mississauga 

Conference Venue: The International Centre

Audience: Senior HR executives, VPs and directors looking to shape the strategic direction of their HR functions.

Topic: Visionary leadership and strategic management

The HR Leaders Summit Canada is a premier event that brings together over 700 professionals keen on exploring the future of HR technology. This summit isn’t just about observing; it offers hands-on demos and insightful discussions about the latest tools and software poised to revolutionize how HR functions. It’s an essential gathering for anyone who wants to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of HR technology. Here, you’ll get the chance to see firsthand the innovations from both rising startups and established tech giants, giving you a broad view of what’s next. Beyond discovering new technologies, the summit provides a fantastic platform for networking, allowing attendees to connect with industry leaders and tech experts. Whether you’re searching for solutions to specific HR challenges or curious about the latest trends, the HR Tech Summit Canada equips you with the knowledge and connections to drive your HR practices forward.


Attending these conferences is more than a professional development activity; it’s an opportunity to be part of a community shaping the future of work. Each event is carefully planned to provide valuable insights, networking opportunities and the latest trends and technologies in the HR field.

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