Benefits of Our Corporate Travel Management Services

Benefits of Our Corporate Travel Management Services Featured

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Inspired Travel Group is a full-service corporate travel agency servicing clients right the way across North America. Our people first approach to travel ensures only the highest levels of personalized, attentive service.


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Managing corporate travel can be a complex task requiring attention to detail, responsiveness and expertise. At Inspired Travel Group, we understand these challenges and are committed to humanizing corporate travel with a customer-first approach. Our services are designed to simplify travel processes, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best while leaving the logistics to us. 

Here Are The Top Benefits You Can Get As A Business By Working With Us:

  1. Humanizing Corporate Travel with Customer-First Service
  2. Full-Service Corporate Travel Management
  3. Personalized and Comprehensive Assistance
  4. Maximizing Corporate Reward Programs
  5. Best-in-Class Travel Management Software
  6. Promoting Sustainable Business Travel
  7. Executive Travel Planning & Management

Humanizing Corporate Travel with Customer-First Service

Humanized Corporate Travel Management Services

At Inspired Travel Group, putting the customer first is more than a philosophy—it’s a practice. Our unique staffing structure eliminates the need for call centers, ensuring that every interaction is direct, personal and handled by in-house travel experts. This approach not only minimizes wait times but also enhances the quality of service, allowing for quick and effective responses to any travel issue or requirement.

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Full-Service Corporate Travel Management

Our full-service approach to corporate travel management is designed to take the weight off your shoulders. We handle everything from creating detailed itineraries to offering round-the-clock support in case of an emergency. This comprehensive service not only saves you time but also ensures that all aspects of your travel are meticulously managed. By entrusting us with your travel arrangements, you can focus more on what matters most—your business.

Personalized and Comprehensive Assistance

At Inspired Travel Group, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. We take the time to understand your travel preferences and requirements, ensuring that each trip is aligned with your specific objectives. Our team is skilled in creating efficient, hassle-free travel experiences that cater to individual preferences and schedules, helping to optimize your travel process and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

Maximizing Corporate Reward Programs

We understand the importance of maximizing the value of every dollar you spend on travel. That’s why we effectively manage your corporate reward points to ensure you get the most out of your trips. Our Inspirations Rewards program also offers a variety of benefits, including discounts on flights and hotel stays, which increase as you travel more. This tiered system is designed not only to save you money but also to offer flexible redemption options that meet various needs. By managing these rewards carefully, we help your business get a better return on investment, making sure that your travel expenses contribute to your overall business goals.

Best-in-Class Travel Management Software

Having access to reliable and efficient travel management software is crucial. With the TripCase app, we offer you state-of-the-art technology to manage your itineraries from anywhere, at any time. This tool provides complete peace of mind by keeping you informed and in control of your travel plans through your mobile device, enhancing your travel experience with simplicity and ease.

Promoting Sustainable Business Travel

We are committed to promoting sustainable travel practices. Our detailed travel reports help clients keep track of the carbon footprint associated with their travels. For those looking to further reduce their environmental impact, we offer guidance and support in choosing sustainable practices that align with corporate social responsibility goals.

Executive Travel Planning & Management

For our executive clients, we extend our services to cover not just business travel but also personal leisure travel. We understand the pressures of high-stress roles and aim to provide seamless travel planning that helps executives recharge effectively, returning to work refreshed and ready to tackle their responsibilities.


Choosing Inspired Travel Group for your corporate travel management means partnering with a team that is dedicated to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions. We invite you to experience the difference that professional travel management can make for your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can help streamline and enhance your experience of corporate travel.

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