How Corporate Travel Solutions Help Maintain Your Work Life Balance

Corporate travel solutions are an essential aspect when it comes to improving employee wellbeing

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In the modern corporate climate, their has been a strong push toward finding an equilibrium between working and living for employees. Corporate travel solutions might not be at the top of many lists to help encourage better working conditions, but we are here to make the case that well implemented corporate travel planning can play result in massive quality-of-life improvements for administrators and travellers.

Challenges Faced By Executive Assistants & Office Administrators when it comes to Travel Planning

Corporate travel planning can be a demanding task that often leaks into the leisure time of your administrative staff; business travel vary rarely operates between the hours of 9am and 5pm on a work day. This means, that whenever your travellers face any kind of complications (cancellations, delays etc.), it is your administrative staff that have to resolve them, eroding away their leisure time and causing them immense frustration.

How can Corporate travel Solutions help?

Travel management agencies can provide comprehensive services to alleviate the burden of travel planning on your business and it’s employees. By outsourcing this responsibility to agencies like Inspired Travel Group, your administrators can benefit from expert assistance, meaning they never worry about corporate travel planning again!

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Round-the-clock emergency Travel Assistance

One of the main corporate travel solutions that can benefit businesses, is access to 24/7 corporate travel assistance. This means that no matter the time, no matter the location, you always have an experienced corporate travel agent on hand to help. This is a huge quality-of-life improvement for your administrators, as they are able to enjoy their leisure time confident in the knowledge that emergencies will be dealt with quickly and efficitently.

Work-life balance for Business travellers

With the benefits for your administrative team now clear to see, it is important that we don’t forget about the well-being of the traveller. Frequent travel can cause lots of stress for employees, with time away from family, long working hours and an impacted sleep schedule factors that can’t be ignored. That’s why, more considerate corporate travel planning can have a hugely positive impact on the well-being of your corporate travellers.

This means, putting your travellers first when constructing your corporate travel policy! Consider scrapping red-eye flights unless absolutely necessary, choose flight paths with fewer connections and allow “free-time” so your employees can immerse themselves in the local culture. These are all small policy tweaks that can result in far more efficient use of your employees time.

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Additional benefits of Quality Corporate Travel Solutions

Other work-life balance improvements with the best travel management solutions include time-saving features such as streamlined booking processes and dedicated travel experts. These features allow for a much more efficient corporate travel planning process; with the burden of responsibility focused on industry experts.

Working with a well established corporate travel agency like Inspired Travel Group can also result in your company receiving better rates on flights, hotels and cars than you might ordinarily have access to. More efficient corporate travel spending often means a little less pressure on your corporate travellers.

With certain corporate travel management agencies, your travellers will also receive additional perks such as access to airport lounges, preferred seating selections and other amenities that make their business travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable, reducing stress and enhancing well-being.

Our Conclusion

Encouraging a healthy relationship between work and leisure time is essential to running a successful business in 2023. So, giving your corporate travellers and administrative staff the support they need to perform well, is essential for improving their all around well-being. Round-the-clock emergency travel assistance, time-saving features, cost-efficiency and access to exclusive perks are some of the ways in which corporate travel solutions contribute to maintaining work-life balance for both administrators and travellers.

Other considerations to help improve your work-life balance!


Table of Contents

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