Business Travel Management Services: Handling Emergency Situations and Assisting Travellers

Business travel management services: Emergency Assistance and why it matters!

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In the modern corporate landscape, frequent travel has become essential to the success of almost every business. This increase in travel volume has put an ever increasing strain on the travel providers and in airports, resulting in unexpected challenges and emergency situations that can put huge strain on the successful outcome of a business trip. That, is where corporate travel companies (TMCs) come in. Amongst the business travel management services these companies provide, they specialize in providing round-the-clock traveller support and assistance, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for business travellers. In this article, we will explore the importance of business travel support, as well as exactly how these companies handle emergencies and deliver successful outcomes.

Understanding Business Travel Support

Business travel support is one of a number of business travel management services provided by TMCs. More specifically, this means providing assistance when travellers are planning, booking and executing travel itineraries. As business trips very rarely fall within the confines of nine-to-five work week, it is essential your coverage operates outside this window. The goal of business travel support is to ensure that travellers can navigate through unforeseen circumstances with ease and receive prompt assistance when required.

The Importance Of Having 24/7 Corporate Travel Assistance

The Importance of Business Travel Management Services for Corporate Travellers

The quality of service provided by a TMC plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your corporate travellers. Let’s consider a scenario in which your CEO is travelling for a critical business meeting. After they arrive at the airport, they find out that their plane has been delayed by several hours, meaning they must fly through the night. This is where the support team of a TMC comes in to action. An experienced corporate travel agent will hold a number of flights, so to provide a number of solutions. For example, one solution might be finding a flight that leaves in time for a good nights sleep ahead of the meeting. Otherwise, they might check your CEO in at the airport hotel, finding them a more convenient flight the next morning. The prerogative here is to find the least taxing route of travel, to ensure your CEO arrives at their meeting fresh, well-rested and ready to go! If the support team fails here, this can result in a late flight, a bad sleep and a poor performance in the meeting.

Handling Emergency Situations

Business travellers often encounter unexpected situations during their business trips. So, it is important that through both your corporate travel policy and your TMC, there is a clearly established channel of communications by which to resolve emergency situations. Let’s explore some common emergency scenarios and how TMCs assist travellers in those situations:

Delayed / cancelled flights

Flight delays and cancellations can cause significant disruption to business trips. TMCs have access to vast inventories of flights and can offer alternative flight options to ensure that travellers reach their destinations on time. Additionally, the support team should maintain constant communication with the affected corporate travellers, providing updates via calls, emails or SMS to keep them informed about the situation as it evolves.


Unforeseen events such as inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns or sudden illness can prevent travellers from continuing on their business trips. In such cases, business travel management companies step in to provide immediate assistance. This can include arranging emergency accommodation at very short notice, or offering alternative modes of transportation such as trains, to ensure travellers can continue their trip as smoothly as possible. A reliable TMC will provide a 24/7 support service, allowing travellers to reach out for help whenever needed.

Unsatisfactory Hotels

When it comes to overnight accommodation, business travellers often have very specific expectations. In instances where a hotel falls short of those expectations, alternative arrangements will be made quickly to resolve the situation. If it is a matter of of cleanliness, your TMCs support team will contact the hotels front desk directly in order to address the issue.

Personalized Experience

Every business traveler has unique preferences and requirements. TMCs understand the importance of personalization in creating an exceptional travel experience. They track the traveler’s preferences, create personalized profiles and provide regular updates via SMS and email. Furthermore, TMCs go the extra mile by offering post-travel services to gather feedback and ensure continuous improvement in their services.

The Benefits of Effective Business Travel Support for TMCs

Effective business travel support not only benefits the travellers but also brings numerous advantages for the TMCs themselves:

Builds Loyalty

Providing exceptional corporate travel assistance helps foster loyalty among business travellers. When you experience great support from a TMC, you appreciate the company’s efforts and are more likely to continue using their services. This leads improves customer retention and contributes to the overall growth of the TMC.

Enhances Business Reputation

A company that consistently delivers outstanding corporate travel management services builds a strong reputation in the industry. Positive experiences and satisfied customers create a robust public image of the company. Word-of-mouth recommendations from happy business travellers plays a significant role in attracting new clients and expanding the TMC’s business.

Drives Profits

By efficiently resolving travel-related issues, TMCs establish themselves as trusted partners for businesses. Companies are more inclined to maintain long-term relationships with TMCs that consistently provide reliable and comprehensive travel support. This, in turn, leads to increased profitability.

Encourages Business Growth

The feedback received from travellers allows the support team to understand their needs better. This valuable insight enables TMCs to develop and introduce new services tailored to the evolving requirements of their customers. By continually improving and expanding their offerings, TMCs can foster business growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Providing Your Employees with Exceptional Business Travel Management Services

At Inspired Travel Group, we understand the importance of providing reliable support for business travellers. Our comprehensive travel management services ensure that your employees receive the best possible assistance during their business trips. We offer round-the-clock support, to promptly address any emergencies or challenges. Whether that’s via phone or email, our expert support team is always ready to assist. The well-being of you travellers is at the forefront of the service we provide.


Table of Contents

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