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Corporate travel can be much more than just a business expense. With Inspired Travel Group’s Inspirations Rewards Program, every dollar spent on travel not only contributes to your company’s success but also earns valuable rewards that can significantly enhance your team’s travel experience. This blog post explores the comprehensive benefits of the Inspirations Rewards Program, showcasing how it can transform your business travels into a strategic asset.

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  • Key Features of the Inspirations Rewards Program
  • Membership Tiers and Benefits
  • Utilizing Points: Inspirations Boutique
  • How to Maximize the Value of Your Points
  • FAQs and Important Program Details

Key Features of the Inspirations Rewards Program

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Earning Points

The Inspirations Rewards program allows companies to earn one point for every dollar spent on corporate travel booked through Inspired Travel Group. And the best part? These points stack with existing credit card rewards, making it a win-win for businesses looking to maximize their travel spend.

Flexibility of Points Usage

The real magic lies in the flexibility of the points. Whether you want to use them to book your next corporate trip or treat your employees to something special, the options are limitless. From gift cards to all-expense-paid trips abroad, the Inspirations Boutique has something for every corporate traveler.

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Membership Tiers and Benefits

Inspired Travel Group - Rewards Program membership tires

The program is structured into four membership tiers: Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold, each offering increasingly valuable perks based on annual spending.

Blue Tier

  • Annual Spend: Up to $99,999
  • Benefits:
    • Access to the Inspirations Boutique
    • Earn Inspirations Points

Bronze Tier

  • Annual Spend: $100,000 – $249,999
  • Benefits:
    • 15,000 Bonus Points
    • 5% Redemption Discount
    • 1 Unlimited Lounge Pass
    • 3 Domestic Preferred Seat Selections

Silver Tier

  • Annual Spend: $250,000 – $499,999
  • Benefits:
    • 40,000 Bonus Points
    • 10% Redemption Discount
    • 3 Unlimited Lounge Passes
    • 6 Domestic Preferred Seat Selections

Gold Tier

  • Annual Spend: $500,000+
  • Benefits:
    • 65,000 Bonus Points
    • 15% Redemption Discount
    • 5 Unlimited Lounge Passes
    • 12 Domestic Preferred Seat Selections
    • $1,000 Accor Hotels Gift Card

Advantages of Upgrading Tiers

Moving up through the tiers offers significant benefits. As members progress, they gain higher redemption discounts, extra lounge passes, priority seat selections and exclusive hotel gift cards. The higher the tier, the greater the value of the rewards.

Utilizing Points: Inspirations Boutique

Featured Rewards

The Inspirations Boutique is where points come to life. Here’s a taste of what members can find:

  • Gift Cards:
    • $50 Amazon Gift Card – 10,000 Points
    • $100 Tim Hortons Gift Card – 20,000 Points
    • $200 The Keg Gift Card – 40,000 Points
  • Exclusive Experiences:
    • 2 Nights at The Wynn, Las Vegas – 400,000 Points
    • 5 Nights in Los Cabos, Mexico – 900,000 Points

Custom Redemptions

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? The Inspirations Team works with a network of suppliers to help businesses create custom rewards that align with their unique preferences.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Points

Best Practices

  • Book all your travel related spend directly through Inspired.
  • Take advantage of promotions to earn bonus points.
  • Aim to move up the tiers for greater discounts and perks.


Consultation with Travel Advisors

Working with Inspired Travel Group’s travel advisors ensures that businesses make the most out of their points, receiving personalized recommendations on how to maximize their buying power.

FAQs and Important Program Details

1. How Do I Earn Points?

One point is earned for every dollar spent using Inspired Travel Group’s Corporate Travel service.

2. What Are My Points Worth?

To calculate the Canadian Dollar value of your points, simply divide your points total by 200. For instance, 10,000 points is equal to $50.

3. How Do I Spend My Points?

Speaking with your travel advisor is the most efficient way to spend your points, as they can guide you on the best options available.

4. How Do I Know How Many Points I Have?

Clients receive monthly newsletters with updated points totals, along with exclusive monthly offers.

5. What Can I Spend My Points On?

From gift cards and dining experiences to custom redemptions and trips abroad, the Inspirations Boutique has a range of rewards to choose from. We also offer custom redemptions, so if you can assign a dollar value to it, there is a good chance we can deliver.

6. Will My Points Ever Expire?

Points never expire but can only be spent by active clients who have booked within the last three months.


The Inspirations Rewards Program by Inspired Travel Group is a unique way to make the most of corporate travel spending. With flexible redemption options and a tier system that rewards loyalty, businesses can use these points to enhance their travel experiences while motivating their teams.

Contact us today to learn more about the Inspirations Rewards program and start earning points on your corporate travel. Make every journey count!

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