Best Restaurants for a Business Lunch in Montreal

Best Restaurants for a Business Lunch in Montreal featured

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Choosing the right restaurant for a business lunch in Montreal can significantly enhance the experience and outcome of your meeting. The city’s vibrant culinary scene offers a variety of options that cater to diverse tastes and business needs. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot for a confidential discussion, a place with international flair to impress a client or a budget-friendly venue, Montreal has it all. 

Here are some of the top picks for business lunches across the city:

  • Toqué!
  • Jérôme Ferrer – Europea
  • Ferreira Café
  • L’Express
  • Maison Boulud
  • Bar George
  • Portus 360
  • Café Cherrier
  • Rotisserie Romados

1. Top Restaurants for Business Lunches in Downtown Montreal

Toqué! - Business Lunch in Montreal


Highlights: Known for its exquisite Quebecois cuisine, Toqué! offers a refined dining experience with private dining options available. Perfect for impressing clients or celebrating a successful partnership.

Jérôme Ferrer - Europea restaurant interior

Jérôme Ferrer – Europea

Highlights: Award-winning restaurant offering creative French dishes. Europea is renowned for its exceptional presentation and service, providing an immersive dining experience that’s sure to facilitate engaging business discussions.

Ferreira Café interior

Ferreira Café

    • Address: 1446 Peel St, Montreal, QC H3A 1S8
    • Hours: Open Monday to Friday, 11:45 AM – 2:00 PM for lunch
    • Highlights: Ferreira Café offers a contemporary Portuguese dining experience in the heart of downtown Montreal. Known for its fresh seafood dishes and elegant atmosphere, it’s a favorite among business professionals looking for a sophisticated yet welcoming setting for lunch meetings.

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2. Best Quiet Restaurants for Confidential Meetings

L'Express exterior


Highlights: L’Express offers a classic Parisian bistro experience in the Plateau Mont-Royal, perfect for confidential business meetings. Known for its traditional French cuisine and elegant, unassuming ambiance, this venue is ideal for those seeking privacy and sophistication. The menu features time-honored dishes like steak tartare and provides a serene setting with efficient service, suitable for a discreet and effective business lunch.

Maison Boulud interior

Maison Boulud

    • Address: 1228 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1H6
    • Hours: Open daily from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM for lunch
    • Highlights: Located in the Ritz-Carlton, Maison Boulud provides a luxurious and serene setting with a garden view that is ideal for high-level executive meetings requiring confidentiality and class.

3. Restaurants with International Cuisine for Impressing International Clients

Bar George antique interior

Bar George

Highlights: Housed in a historic mansion, Bar George offers a modern twist on classic English and Quebecois dishes. Its luxurious and unique decor provides an impressive backdrop for business lunches with international clients, fostering both comfort and conversation. With private dining offerings, Bar George can also host larger scale events.

Portus 360 interior and view

Portus 360

    • Address: 777 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa, Montreal, QC H3C 3Z7
    • Hours: Open Tuesday to Friday, 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM for lunch
    • Highlights: Offering panoramic views of Montreal, Portus 360 serves exquisite Portuguese cuisine. Its impressive setting and excellent food make it an ideal venue for hosting international clients.

4. Budget-Friendly Options for Business Lunches

Café Cherrier interior

Café Cherrier

Highlights:  A traditional French bistro with a cozy and informal setting. This bistro offers hearty portions of classic French dishes at reasonable prices, making it ideal for a relaxed yet professional business lunch. It’s a straightforward choice for a business lunch where you want reliability without excess formality. Café Cherrier is particularly noted for its terrace, which can be delightful for a summer business lunch.

Rotisserie Romados interior

Rotisserie Romados

Highlights:  For a relaxed yet flavorful business lunch, Rotisserie Romados offers some of the best Portuguese chicken in Montreal. Renowned for its authentic, spice-marinated rotisserie chicken, this eatery also provides a quick, delicious and budget-friendly meal in a straightforward, no-frills setting. With its combination of exceptional food and casual ambiance, Rotisserie Romados is a prime choice for a less formal business lunch that still aims to impress.


Montreal’s restaurant scene caters to a wide range of business lunch needs, from upscale dining to casual spots and international flavors. Each of these recommended restaurants not only meets the criteria for an excellent business lunch setting but also adds a touch of Montreal’s unique flavor to your professional meetings.

If you’re often traveling to Montreal for business, let Inspired Travel Group manage your travel logistics. We ensure that your trips are seamless, so you can focus on your business needs without the hassle. Contact us today to make your business travel as productive and stress-free as possible.

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