How Technology is Changing the Face of Corporate Travel in Canada

How is technology changing corporate travel in Canada?

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Technology continues to revolutionize every aspect of how we conduct business. Nowhere is this more apparent then in corporate travel in Canada. In this article, we explore exactly how technology has influenced the business travel industry, and what that means for modern-day corporate travellers in Canada.

The Rise of Automation with Online Booking

There is an abundance of online booking platforms available to Office Administrators and Executive Assistants now-a-days. It first glance, this can often mean cheaper fares and more direct control for businesses over their corporate travel. These online tools make it incredibly easy to find cheap flights, book hotels and rent cars. All with no experience required.

The reality isn’t always so breezy with the entire burden of responsibility falling to those making these quick-and-easy bookings.

Mobile technology for travellers

Smartphones have massively upgraded the general competence of an every-day traveller. From booking on-the-go, to updates on delays and even allowing for early check-in for your flight, mobile technology has made travelling for business easier than ever before. Your phone can now communicate for you and even translate menus in real time.

Virtual Meetings and Conferences

A key factor resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, was the seismic shift to virtual meetings and conferences. Through absolute necessity, many realized that these costly, laborious aspects of doing business could easily be replaced by virtual meetings. Going “remote” allows for more flexible scheduling and a much lower bar for entry, saving many businesses both time and money.

rise of the sharing economy

Companies like Uber and Lift have made it much easier to travel around cities freely. Rental cars have become much less essential as a result. Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry, allowing business travellers to experience a destination like a local. These sharing economy services have also made business travel more affordable, making it easier for smaller businesses to send employees too conferences and meetings.

What does this mean for corporate travel in Canada?

Automation, cutting costs and rising competency is all well and good when your travel runs smoothly. But, let’s be honest, when has that ever happened?

There is a reason travel agents in Canada spend their entire careers honing their craft; dealing with problems, in all shapes and sizes, both preemptively and reactively is what makes business travel management an absolutely essential service for corporate travellers in Canada.

Corporate Travel Agency vs In-house management

The main problem when it comes to booking and managing travel in-house, is that corporate travel very rarely sticks to a nine to five schedule. Business travel plans almost exclusively leak in to weekends and evenings, and who is there when things go wrong? Most likely, it’s overworked, underpaid administrative staff who have to pick up the slack. 

Any serious corporate travel management agency in Canada operates a 24/7 emergency helpline out of their own office. That means, that no matter the time, no matter the day, you always have an experienced travel management professional on hand to get you on your way. 

Our conclusion:

Technological advancements have certainly had a significant impact on corporate travel in Canada. It has never been easier to book business trips and to find great value when doing so. However, it is important to remember that from that point onward, you are on your own. This aspect can make business travel management very stressful and time consuming for businesses. For easy, peace-of-mind when travelling for business in Canada, it does make sense to outsource your travel management to a specialist corporate travel agency.


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Table of Contents

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