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what is business travel

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What Is Business Travel?​

Business travel can be the most enjoyable, stressful and opportunistic aspects of business life, all at the same time. The scope of these important trips can be wide ranging, but often they exist with the sole goal of conducting important business discussions that can weigh heavily on the future of any and every company. However, such trips are also organized for the purpose of recreation and team-building within the ranks of a particular company.

According to the World Trade Organization, business travel accounts for about 30% of international trips today. Most of these trips combine work and leisure activities. A recent study found that 61% of businesses include leisure activities in their business trips.

purpose of taking a business trip

Today, business trips are simply an indispensable part of conducting a modern business. In this new, multi-national business arena, business trips and corporate retreats not only help solve problems and advance the growth of industries, but they also help increase motivation and drive development within individual companies and in doing so, attract new clients and partners.

Here is a list of the most common reasons for taking a business trip:

New Markets

It is not a secret that any and every business owner is always on the lookout for new customers. Taking business trips is one of the best ways to explore the opportunities available in new markets, and the potential that comes with differing customer bases.

Events and Conferences

Another reason for a business trip is attending a meeting, lecture, exhibition or show that’s relevant to your business. These kind of events bring business minded people together, resulting in the kind of conversations that can take a business to new heights.


Nowadays, many business owners use business trips as an opportunity to motivate their employees. This means going on team-building weekends! Whilst everyone is out enjoying themselves, bonding as individuals, their ability to thrive as a cohesive team is on the rise.


Networking in the modern age has suffered dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, with the worst of it disappearing in the rearview, business professionals the world ever are eager to get out and get connected. Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs strongly believe that this shared interconnectivity is one of the key aspects of running and developing a business.


Some businesses require samples of products, equipment and services, all of which work better in person. In order for a company or owner to invest in another, they may have to see how the technology and equipment work first hand.

Why do you need a Business travel Agents

Solving organizational problems is time-consuming, and it can negatively impact the effectiveness of the business trip.

Therefore, it makes sense to leave the taxing organization of your business trips in reliable hands, freeing up your precious time to solve your more pressing tasks. 

Here at Inspired Travel Group, we take a full-service approach to business travel management. That means that whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, we provide the service to make that a reality.  Our extensive list of business travel services includes:

  • We provide as standard, 24/7 Emergency Support. So, no matter your location or timezone, you will always be cared for by a corporate travel professional.
  • Access your itinerary from the palm of your hand with the powerful TripCase app, which gives you access to all the necessary up-to-date information regarding your business trip.
  • Priority preference selection! We take the time to understand your individual travellers in order to tailor our truly personalized service for your business. Working with a single dedicated corporate travel agent ensures there is consistency when it comes to your preferences.
  • Custom invoicing and reporting means that you have complete control over the format your reports are delivered, vastly increasing the efficiency of your accounting process. 
  • Our simple one-time $20 fee covers every itinerary when it comes to ticket amendments and cancelations.
All this and more means you are always covered, in every eventuality, by an experienced business travel professional! That means you will never have to sit on the phone with an airline again!


Now you truly understand “what is business travel” and how exactly you can benefit from the help of business travel agents. If you are planning a business trip and you have enjoyed reading through our business travel post, be sure to check out our 8 Essential Business Travel Tips for even more useful information.


Table of Contents

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