5 Best Corporate Travel Agencies in Victoria, BC

5 Best Corporate Travel Agencies in Victoria, BC

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Inspired Travel Group is a full-service corporate travel agency servicing clients right the way across North America. Our people first approach to travel ensures only the highest levels of personalized, attentive service.


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Corporate travel can be complex, with the stress of tight schedules and the need for seamless end-to-end logistics. That’s where travel management companies (TMCs) come in. These agencies enhance travel efficiency, manage costs and ensure an all around high-quality experience. If your business is based in Victoria, BC and you’re looking for reliable travel management, here’s a guide to 5 best corporate travel agencies in the area.

Top 5 Corporate Travel Agencies in Victoria:

  1. Inspired Travel Group
  2. TierOne Travel
  3. Departures Travel
  4. Maritime Travel
  5. CruisePlus Travel & Tours

1. Inspired Travel Group

Inspired Travel Group not only meets but exceeds expectations with its bespoke travel management solutions. Known for its exceptional attention to detail and personalized service, Inspired Travel Group is the top recommendation for businesses that value efficiency and comfort in their travel arrangements.


Key Services:

  • Dedicated Service: Each client is partnered with a Senior Travel Manager, a vastly experienced agent who will manage your plans directly.
  • Personalized Itineraries: Tailored specifically to meet the demands of your businesses specific needs, ensuring travelers are well-prepared for their meetings.
  • 24/7 Support: Experienced travel agents provide in-house round-the-clock assistance to address any concerns, guaranteeing stress-free travel experience. 


Technology and Innovations:

TripCase App: This application provides access to your itinerary on-the-go, as well as providing real-time updates and calendar integration. 


Unique Offerings:

  • Affordable Fee Structure: A flat $30 fee covers everything from booking and emergency assistance to changes and cancellations. This simple fee offers unparalleled flexibility for businesses.
  • Travel Policy Development: Expert assistance in developing travel policies that ensure organizational compliance and clarity.


Why Inspired Stands Out? 

Inspired Travel Group goes beyond typical travel services by integrating technology with total personalized care and attention, setting a high standard in corporate travel management. Their commitment to creating a seamless travel experience makes them the leader in the field, equipped with a proactive approach to anticipating and solving travel-related challenges before they impact your schedule. Inspired Travel Group also offers strategic cost management to maximize travel budgets and deliver detailed reporting for corporate oversight, making them particularly effective for companies looking to enhance their corporate travel efficiency.

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TierOne Travel

TierOne Travel offers a robust portfolio of travel management services, emphasized by their personal touch and deep industry knowledge.


Key Services:

Comprehensive Travel Solutions: From flight bookings to accommodations and local transport arrangements.

Destination Expertise: Deep knowledge of global travel destinations, providing insights into local customs and logistics.


Program Highlights:

Executive Travel Services: Tailored services for C-suite executives, including private jet arrangements and luxury accommodations.

Corporate Retreats: Organizes offsite meetings and retreats that combine business with relaxation.

Departures Travel

As the oldest travel agency in Victoria, Departures Travel prides itself on creating tailor-made travel experiences that cater to the unique needs of each business client.


Key Services:

Custom Travel Packages: Builds entire travel packages that reflect the specific objectives of the client.

Expert Guidance: Provides thorough advice on travel destinations, health protocols and safety measures.


Unique Offerings:

Loyalty Programs: Develops custom loyalty programs that reward frequent travelers.

Sustainable Travel Options: Focuses on eco-friendly travel solutions to support corporate responsibility initiatives.

Maritime Travel

With a vast national network, Maritime Travel offers extensive travel management services tailored for corporations operating across Canada, positioning it as a prime choice for large-scale corporate needs.


Key Services:

End-to-End Travel Management: Manages all elements of travel logistics, from initial planning through to successful execution.

Custom Reporting Tools: Provides bespoke reports that support adherence to corporate travel policies and fiscal planning.


Program Highlights:

Group Travel Expertise: Specializes in managing complex group travel arrangements.

Risk Management Solutions: Delivers comprehensive risk assessments and robust crisis management support to safeguard corporate travelers.

CruisePlus Travel & Tours

CruisePlus Travel & Tours combines its passion for travel with exceptional service, making it a great choice for companies looking to blend business travel with leisure components.


Key Services:

Specialized Cruise Packages: Offers a variety of cruise travel options, including river and ocean cruises.

All-Inclusive Resort Bookings: Provides access to top-tier resorts with comprehensive amenities.


Unique Offerings:

Hosted Travel Programs: Features travel packages that include the services of a host to enhance the travel experience.

Exclusive Travel Deals: Access to special rates and promotions not available to the general public.


Each of these top five corporate travel agencies in Victoria, BC, offers specialized services designed to address the diverse needs of modern businesses. Whether you’re looking for thorough service, the latest technology or unique travel experiences, these firms have the expertise to ensure your travel requirements are met with professionalism and personalized care. 

For those who prioritize efficiency and a custom-tailored approach, Inspired Travel Group stands out as a top choice. Contact us to discuss your travel needs and discover how they can make your next business trip seamless and stress-free.

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