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The Canadian corporate travel industry has significantly changed in the post-pandemic years. These changes, through updated corporate travel policies, sped up the road to recovery and got us back to the business trips we know and love. The updated policies will reflect flexibility as well as health and safety considerations. All these updates will help Canadian businesses to improve their corporate travel experience in 2023.

In this blog post, we will dive into the key aspects of these evolving travel policies. We will provide valuable insights for businesses that want to adapt to the post-pandemic corporate travel landscape in Canada.

The Importance of Updated Travel Policies

One of the major important reasons for updating corporate travel policies is the ability to provide a framework to address the evolving needs and challenges associated with corporate travel. Businesses that adapt to these changes can ensure duty of care obligations are made, prioritizing employee safety. Moreover, updated travel policies allow businesses to mitigate risks, save costs and make informed decisions.

All you need to know about Corporate Travel Policy 

Flexible Cancellation and Booking Policies

The new travel policies are designed to make cancellations and bookings more flexible. In response to travel’s unpredictable nature, businesses allow changes and cancellations without penalties, providing travelers with the freedom to modify their plans as needed.

While the flexibility of updated travel policies allows businesses to show their commitment to employee satisfaction and retention.

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Health and Safety Measures

Updated corporate travel policies also focus on new health and safety protocols. More and more Canadian organizations take proactive measures to protect their employees’ well-being during travel. This includes adhering to vaccination requirements, testing procedures and health screening as mandated by local authorities and destinations.

By prioritizing traveller’s health and safety, organizations minimize risks and create a secure travel environment. Additionally, corporate travel insurance coverage is essential to address unexpected situations and provide peace of mind for employees.

The Importance of Having 24/7 Corporate Travel Assistance

Solutions for unexpected disruptions and situations

Updated corporate travel policies allow organizations to take effective actions to handle unexpected and emergency situations. This includes strategies to address flight cancellations, border closures, natural disasters and other emergency events. These strategies include alternative transportation options, pre-established accommodation arrangements and communication channels to keep travellers informed.

Another solution to ensure safe business travel is to collaborate with corporate travel management companies like Inspired Travel Group. Our corporate travel agency can provide Canadian businesses with additional support and assistance during crises. This will ensure a swift response to emergency situations and minimize business operation’s impact.

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Table of Contents

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